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Fort Atkinson soldiers, around 1821

Fort Atkinson soldiers

The soldier on the left is wearing the loose-fitting white cotton smock and trousers issued as "fatigue" or work clothing to protect uniforms during labor. The other soldiers are wearing the dress uniforms they would wear during dress parades and ceremonies. The taller hat was made of black leather and decorated with white braid, tassels and plume. The hatplate was silver-plated. Black shoes were covered with white "gaiters" or "spats." The uniform on the right was used after 1821. The dress cap, called a "bellcrown" because it was wider at the top, was black leather with white braid and tassels, a red plume, and a silver hatplate. White shoulder "wings" were added, and black lace-up boots replaced shoes and gaiters. The coats were navy with white trim on the collar and silver buttons. The pants were either gray wool or white cotton or linen, depending on the season. White leather straps with a silver plate crossed the front of the uniform. Both uniforms were worn at Fort Atkinson. Drawing from Trailblazer #9, the Fort Atkinson issue.


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