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Hour at the Museum Schedule - 2014

Join us for a story, exhibit tour, and activities on Tuesday mornings!

March 11 Cowboys and Cowgirls Yippee-Yay! by Gail Gibbons

May 27 Sod Houses on the Great Plains by Glen Rounds

June 3 Love Flute by Paul Goble

June 10 Once Upon a Seed by Bryan Yaida

June 17 The Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle by Jewel Grutman and Gay Matthaei

June 24 If you're not from the prairieā€¦ by David Bouchard

July 1 A Fourth of July on the Plains by Jean Van Leeuwen

July 8 How We Crossed the West: the Adventures of Lewis & Clark by R. Schanzer

July 15 Teddy's Cattle Drive: A Story from History by Marc Simmons

July 22 The Quilting Bee by Gail Gibbons

July 29 Dandelions by Eve Bunting

August 5 Death of the Iron Horse by Paul Goble

October 14 Eight Hands Round: A Patchwork Alphabet by Ann Whitford Paul

December 23 One Splendid Tree by Marilyn Helmer

December 30 A Boy Becomes a Man at Wounded Knee by Ted Wood




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