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Nebraska History
  of Nebraska History!

The 1931 Hastings Bank Job & the Bloody Bandit Trail,
by Monty McCord.
$19.99/$17.99 members (paper)

The first published account of the heist and the people and places involved.

African Americans on the Great Plains: An Anthology,
edited and introduced by Bruce Glasrud and Charles A. Braithwaite.
$35.00/$31.50 members [paper]

Features essays chronicling the struggles and triumphs of African Americans on the Great Plains.

Battlefields of Nebraska
, by Thomas D. Phillips.
$18.95/$17.05 members (paper)

Geographically central in the United States, Nebraska played an important role in travel to the west in the nineteenth century and was the site of conflict with the Native peoples.

Blazing a Wagon Trail to Oregon
A Brave Soldier & Honest Gentleman, Lt. James E. H. Foster in the West, 1873-1881
: A biography of Lieutenant James E. H. Foster, by Tom Buecker.
$29.95/ $26.95 members (cloth)

This book is a biography of Lieutenant James E. H. Foster who, since his boyhood, wanted to be a soldier. Based on military and civilian sources, as well as his journal and maps, it is a compelling story of a young cavalry officer during the Plains Indian Wars.

Buffalo Bill: Scout, Showman, Visionary
Buffalo Bill: Scout, Showman, Visionary
: Based on the collection of Buffalo Bill, by Steve Friesen.
$22.95/$20.66 members (paper)

A visionary, William F. Cody performed for audiences worldwide. Based on the collection of the Buffalo Bill Museum and grave.

A Celebration of State Capitols, by Richard R. Gibson.
$54.95/$49.46 members (cloth)

A beautifully illustrated book that includes important facts about America's state capitols, plus a glimpse at state governors' mansions and important events in each state's history.

The Children's Blizzard,
by David Laskin.
$15.99/$14.39 members (paper)

A heartening account of the 1888 blizzard, and a promise kept on a day the wind finally did what it promises to do.


Dandelions by Eve Bunting
$7/$6.30 members (paper)

The story of Zoe and her family as they cross the prairie in a wagon pulled by oxen. Their overwhelming emotions are described as they face the journey to a new land and the changes they will need to make when they arrive.

Eyewitness at Wounded Knee
Eyewitness at Wounded Knee, by Richard E. Jensen, R. Eli Paul, and John E. Carter. Introduction by Heather Cox Richardson.
$29.95/$26.95 members (232 pp., paperback).

Now back in print with digitally restored images, this acclaimed book brings together and assesses some 150 photographs that were made before and immediately after the infamous December 1890 massacre.

Fantastic Facts about the Oregon Trail, by Michael J. Trinklein.
$3.75/$3.38 members (paper)

Fun facts and easy-to-read, 4.25" x 7"

Fifty State Capitols: The Architecture of Representative Government,
by Jim Stembridge.
$27.95/$25.16 members [paper]

Visit all fifty state capitols from the comfort of your home. This book contains color photos and detailed descriptions of the history, architecture, and function of each capitol building.

Fighting Liberal, The Autobiography of George W. Norris
, (Second Edition) foreword by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. New introduction by Bob Kerrey.
$23.95/ $21.55 members

The story of Nebraska Senator George W. Norris.

First Scalp for Custer: The Skirmish at Warbonnet Creek, Nebraska, July 17, 1876,
by Paul L. Hedren, revised edition.
$9.95/$8.96 members (paper)

The story of a clash between the Fifth U.S. Cavalry and Cheyenne Indians in which the only casualty was a warrior named Yellow Hair, who was killed by scout William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody. This minor episode, coming on the heels of Custer's defeat at the Little Bighorn, signaled the army's ultimate victory in the Great Sioux War of 1876 -77, and bolstered Cody's fame.

First Telegraph Line Across the Continent
First Telegraph Line across the Continent: Charles Brown's 1861 Diary, edited by Dennis N. Mihelich and James E. Potter.
$14.95/$13.46 members (paper)

This previously unpublished diary is the only known extensive source written about the day-to-day construction of one segment of the first transcontinental telegraph line. Brown's lively narrative is filled with period detail about life along the Platte Valley Road during the first year of the Civil War.

Fort Robinson,
by Ephriam D. Dickson III.
$21.99/$19.79 members [paper]

A photographic history of Fort Robinson from 1873 to the mid 1940s, a volume in the Images of America series.

Fort Robinson and the American Century: 1900-1948
Fort Robinson and the American Century: 1900-1948, by Thomas R. Buecker
$40/ $36 members (cloth), $19.95/$17.95 members (paper)

This recent book recounts the last half-century of this famous northwestern Nebraska army post as it assumed new roles - army remount depot, war dog training center, and World War II prisoner of war camp.

Fort Robinson and the American West: 1874-1899
Fort Robinson and the American West: 1874-1899, by Thomas R. Buecker
$19.95/ $17.95 members (paper)

Drawing from government records, reports, correspondence, and reminiscences, the book details the fort's role during the Indian wars of the 1870s and as the home of the black cavalrymen (buffalo soldiers) in the 1880s and 1890s.

Games From Long Ago,
by Bobbie Kalman.
$7.95 /$7.16 members (paper)

Twelve old-time games, ranging from parlor games to classroom games.

George Norris, Going Home: Reflections of a Progressive Statesman,
by Gene A. Budig and Don Walton.
$18.95/$17.05 members (paper)

A contemporary look at Norris and his forty-year political career of congressional service establishing the TVA, the REA, the twentieth amendment, and Nebraska�s Unicameral legislature.

The Governor's House, The People's House: Nebraska Governors' Residences,
by James E. Potter.
$3.00/$2.70 members (paper)

Reprinted from Nebraska History, the quarterly publication of the Nebraska State Historical Society.

Great Plains Guide to Custer
The Great Plains Guide to Custer
: 85 Forts, Fights, & Other Sites, by Jeff Barnes.
$19.95/$17.95 members (paper)

An excellent resource on Custer sites dotting the American West from Texas to Montana. Presented in a lively and knowledgeable format featuring each location.

The Great Platte River Road

The Great Platte River Road, by Merrill J. Mattes
$29.95/ $26.95 members (paper)

The basic primer of the overland trails from the Missouri River to Fort Laramie during the 1840s to the 1860s.

Here You Have My Story:
Eyewitness Accounts of the Nineteenth-Century Central Plains
, edited and with an introduction by Richard E. Jensen.
$30/$27 members (paper)

Describes the struggles and triumphs of early Plains settlers and their life on the Great Plains--their challenges and their interactions with Native Americans, early freighters, and cattle drovers, as Nebraska builds itself as a state.

Historic Photos of Nebraska
text and captions by Tad Stryker.
$39.95/$35.96 members (cloth)

Featuring nearly two hundred black and white photographs, this book tells the struggles, triumphs, and achievements of Nebraska's people. The faces and places reveal Nebraska's importance in the nation's westward expansion and the spirit of the state.

If You Traveled West
If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon, by Ellen Levine
$6.99/$6.29 members (paper)

In a question-and-answer format, the reader learns what it was like to be a pioneer and travel west to Oregon in the 1840s.

Jewish Life in Omaha and Lincoln: A Photographic History, by Oliver B. Pollak.
$19.99/$17.99 members (paper)

In the early twentieth century there was a Jewish presence in Nebraska towns. This book captures the lives, events, neighborhoods, and institutions that shaped these communities. An Images of America publication.

Last Stand: The Battle to Save the Buffalo, and the Birth of the New West, by Michael Punke.
$18.95/$17.05 members (paper)

George Bird Grinnell led efforts that saved the bison from extinction in the first national battle over the environment.

Law At Little Big Horn: Due Process Denied, by Charles E. Wright
$45.00/ $36.00 members (cloth)

Charles E. Wright analyzes the legal and constitutional issues surrounding the military campaign known as the Great Sioux War of 1876-77. He argues that the U.S. Government violated due process and failed to abide by treaties it had given its word to uphold.


Lincoln in Black and White, 1910-1925,
by Douglas Keister and Edward F. Zimmer.
$19.99/$17.99 members (paper)

Photographer John Johnson, the son of a black Civil War veteran and a native of Lincoln, Nebraska, produced beautiful images of Lincoln's black community. This visual legacy takes you to the front porches, backyards, and streets of this "small town" within a midwestern city. An Images of America publication.

Mari Sandoz's Native Nebraska: The Plains Indian Country, by LaVerne Harrell Clark.
$21.99/$19.79 members (paper)

Sandoz is recognized for her accomplishments as an American writer. The illustrations and captions detail Sandoz's lifes work. An Images of America publication.

My Nebraska:
The Good, the Bad, and the Husker, by Roger Welsch.
$17.95/$16.16 members [paper]

The author, one of Nebraska's fiercest defenders, offers his humorous and informative take on all things Nebraska.

Nebraska: An Illustrated History
, by Frederick C. Luebke
$50/ $45 members (cloth)
$29.95/ $26.95 members (paper)

Brief essays and photographs telling Nebraska's fascinating history.

Nebraska Courthouses: Contention, Compromise, and Community
Nebraska Courthouses: Contention, Compromise, and Community
, by Oliver B. Pollak
$19.99/ $17.99 members (paper)

Courthouses saw spirited battles during the early years of Nebraska statehood. Over two hundred photographs visually describe the architectural and political evolution of the courthouse. An Images of America publication.

Nebraska Curiosities:
Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff
, by Rick Yoder and David Harding.
$15.95/$14.35 members (paper)

Take your GPS, make your way across Nebraska, and have fun learning about Nebraska's curiosities.

Nebraska's Fatal Air Crashes of WWII,
by Jerry Penry
$42.95/$38.66 members (Cloth)

Nebraska was home to twelve army air fields during World War II, so it is not surprising that numerous crashes occurred here during training flights. Photographs, government records, and interviews tell the story of the accidents that cost the lives of 241 young men and 2 women from across the nation. A memorial list provides their name, rank, and hometown.

Nebraska: This Place, These People
, by William Kloefkorn.
$14.95/$13.46 members [paper]

This collection of more than one hundred poems by Nebraska's state poet will delight readers familiar with Kloefkorn's work and newcomers alike.

The Niobrara:A River Running through Time
, by Paul A. Johnsgard.

$21.95/$19.75 members (paper)

Learn about this ecological treasure--its historical and biological features.

North Platte Canteen:
An Account of Heartland Hospitality Along the Union Pacific Railroad, by James J. Reisdorff.
$8.95/$8.05 members [paper]

A collection of photos and stories from the North Platte Canteen during World War II.

Off the Beaten Path Nebraska:
A Guide to Unique Places, 7th Edition, by Diana Lambdin Meyer.
$14.95/$13.46 members [paper]

Discover Nebraska's hidden treasures in this volume dedicated to the best kept secrets in the state.

Once Upon a Town:
The Miracle of the North Platte Canteen, by Bob Greene.
$13.99/$12.59 members [paper]

Using interviews of North Platte residents and soldiers who stopped at the canteen, Greene takes the reader to a simpler time. The North Platte Canteen brought food and compassion, ten minutes at a time, to thousands of service men and women during World War II.

One House: The Unicameral's Progressive Vision for Nebraska,
by Charlyne Berens.
$21.95/$19.76 members (paper)

A look at Senator George W. Norris's arguments for a unicameral legislature and how Nebraska's unicameral, unique in American democracy, has performed since its inception in 1937.

On the Divide:
The Many Lives of Willa Cather
, by David Porter.
$29.95/$26.95 members (cloth)

On the Divide looks at the complex stories that seem to represent Cather's own seemingly divided life.

Pieces of the Plains:
Memories and Predictions from the Heart of America
, by John Janovy, Jr.
$21.95/$19.75 members (paper)

A scientist and professional biologist considers how our surroundings and family traditions make us who we are.

Scenery, Curiosities, and Stupendous Rocks:
William Quesenbury's Overland Sketches, 1850-51, by David Royce Murphy, with contributions by Michael L. Tate and Michael Farrell.
$45/$40.00 members [cloth]

A nineteenth-century artist's view of the American West, sketched along the overland trails of Nebraska Territory, and illuminated by eyewitness accounts from the period, modern maps, contemporary photographs, and descriptive notes.

Willa Cather: A Literary Life
, by James Woodress.
$29.95/$26.95 members [paper]

The author takes the reader on a journey through Cather's life and career, separating fact from fiction to present a comprehensive biography.

American Indians in U.S. History
American Indians in U.S. History,
by Roger L. Nichols.
$24.95/$22.45 members (paper)

A brief survey for students and general readers that charts the histories of tribes throughout the United States.

An Unspeakable Sadness: The Dispossession of the Nebraska Indians,
by David J. Wishart.
$24.95/$22.45 members (paper)

The dispossession of Indians, their loss of lands and traditional lifestyles during the nineteenth century in what is now Nebraska.

Autobiography of Red Cloud
Autobiography of Red Cloud: War Leader of the Oglalas, edited by R. Eli Paul.
$15.95/ $14.35 members (paper)

As Red Cloud told his story to a white friend in the 1890s, this manuscript brings us closer than ever before to understanding the life of the Lakota's greatest war leader until the rise of Crazy Horse.



Blue Water Creek and the First Sioux War, 1854-1856, by R. Eli Paul.
$34.95/$31.46 members (cloth)

A study of the significance in Lakota and U.S. History of the army's punitive campaign and defeat of the Brulés at Blue Water Creek in 1855.

The Broidered Garment: The Love Story of Mona Martinsen and John G. Neihardt,
by Hilda Martinsen Neihardt.
$29.95/$26.95 members (cloth)

A richly detailed story of how the sculptor and the poet fell in love, married, and of their life together.

Crazy Horse: A Lakota Life,
by Kingsley M. Bray.
$24.95/$22.45 members (paper)

This new biography of the famed Lakota leader is based on a broad range of archival sources (many from the Nebraska State Historical Society), and interviews with his contemporaries and modern Lakotas. It reveals the modest, reflective man that lay beneath his reputation as a war leader and offers a fuller understanding of Crazy Horse's place in American Indian and U. S. history.

Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Indians,
edited by David J. Wishart.
$24.95/$22.45 members (paper)

Focusing on the peoples, places, and events that have shaped the lives of the Great Plains Indians. Includes wars, treaties, and traditions, as well as contemporary topics.

Forts of the Northern Plains: Guide to Historic Military Posts of the Plains Indian Wars
, by Jeff Barnes.
$19.95/$17.95 members (paper)

A combination history and travel guide to the critical forts of the Indian campaigns of the late nineteenth century.

The Fur Trade of the American West, 1807-1840,
by David J. Wishart.
$21.95/$19.75 members (paper)

A geographical synthesis focusing on interrelationships between the biological, physical, and cultural environments of the fur trade.

Ghost Railroads of Nebraska - A Pictorial
Ghost Railroads of Nebraska - A Pictorial
, by Michael M. Bartels and James J. Reisdorff
$24.95/$22.45 members

With photos, text, and maps this book guides the reader to abandoned rail lines.

Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild
by Michael Forsberg with Dan O'Brien, David Wishart, and Ted Kooser.
$45.00/$40.50 members (cloth)

Acclaimed Nebraska photographer Michael Forsberg has 150 photographs featured in his new oversized book, plus lyrical writing by some of the regions best authors.

The Great Platte River Road
The Great Platte River Road, by Merrill J. Mattes
$29.95/$26.95 members (paper)

The basic primer of the overland trails from the Missouri River to Fort Laramie during the 1840s to the 1860s.

Light on the Prairie
Light on the Prairie:
Solomon D. Butcher, Photographer of Nebraska's Pioneer Days,
by Nancy Plain.
$16.95/$15.25 members (paper)

With the Homestead Act of 1862 in place, Butcher was there to capture Nebraska in its infancy through photographs. Taking more than 3,000 photographs, his compilation is the most complete record of the sod house era.

Lynchings, Legends, & Lawlessness: The Story of Historical Sidney, Nebraska,
by Loren Avey.
$45/$40.50 members (cloth)

Not your normal history text, this book is a "one-of-a-kind," detailed history centering on the mysteries and legends of people buried at Sidney's "Boot Hill" Cemetery.

Marching with the First Nebraska: A Civil War Diary,
by August Scherneckau, edited by James E. Potter and Edith Robbins, translated by Edith Robbins.
$34.95/$31.45 members (cloth)

The most important first-person account by a Nebraska soldier that has yet come to light, offering the insights of a German immigrant who served with the First Nebraska regiment from 1862 to 1865 in Missouri, Arkansas, and Nebraska's Platte River Valley.

Marking Time: Nebraska's Historic Places,
by Bobbi and Steve Olson, with text by David L. Bristow.
$29.95/$26.95 members (cloth)

The Olsons' contemporary photographs were inspired by a selection of historic sites across Nebraska.

The Nebraska-Kansas Act of 1854,
edited by John R. Wunder and Joann M. Ross.
$30.00/$27.00 members (paper)

A volume of essays from scholars at the 150th Anniversary of the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

The Nature of Nebraska
The Nature of Nebraska: Ecology and Biodiversity
, by Paul A. Johnsgard
$17.95/ $16.16 members (paper)

Historical geology, biology, botany, and ecology

Nebraska 1875: Its Advantages, Resources, and Drawbacks, by Edwin A. Curley, introduction by Richard Edwards.
$27.95/$25.16 members (paper)

A London journalist evaluates Nebraska for potential immigrants and provides a fascinating snapshot of the climate, the land, and each county at a time when settlement opportunities were at their peak.

Nebraska Folklore,
by Louise Pound,
introduction by Roger Welsch.
$14.95/$13.46 members (paper), new edition, 2006

Louise Pound was educated and spent fifty years teaching at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, where she was regarded as one of the university's ranking scholars. The book presents an interesting look at traditions from Nebraska's past.

Nebraska Indian Wars Reader
The Nebraska Indian Wars Reader, 1865-1877,
edited by R. Eli Paul
$19.95/ $17.95 members (paper)

An anthology of eyewitness accounts, this book provides the first comprehensive look at the Indian wars in this state.

Neligh Mill Museum
Neligh Mill Museum: A Self Guided Tour
by Kent E. Martin
$3.00/ $2.70 members (paper)

The only 19th century flour mill in the state with all of its original equipment intact.

Perkey's Nebraska Place Names
Perkey's Nebraska Place Names (4th ed., 2003),
by Elton A. Perkey
$13.95/ $12.55 members (paper)

Features towns, post offices, and "ghost towns" of Nebraska, organized by county.

Sharpie: The Life Story of Evelyn Sharp, Nebraska's Aviatrix
, by Diane Ruth Armour Bartels
$14.95/ $13.46 members (paper)

Biography of the young aviatrix, who died ferrying fighter planes for the military during World War II.

Standing Firmly by the Flag
Standing Firmly by the Flag:
Nebraska Territory and the Civil War, 1861-1867, by James E. Potter.
$29.95/$26.95 members (paper)

"Standing Firmly by the Flag offers a multifaceted portrait-military, political, economic, and social-of a frontier territory more affected by the tumult of civil war than its location (hundreds of miles from the conflict's major battlefields) would suggest." - Edward G. Longacre

Traveler's Guide to the Great Sioux War:
The Battlefields, Forts, and Related Sites of America's Greatest Indian War,
by Paul L. Hedren.
$12.95/$11.65 members (paper)

Descriptions of fifty-four battle and skirmish sites, forts, and landmarks as seen today and how to find them.


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