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Nebraska History
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Plains Earthlodges:
Ethnographic and Archaeological Perspectives, edited by Donna C. Roper and Elizabeth P. Pauls, foreword by W. Raymond Wood.
$29.95/$26.95 members (paper)

Explore contemporary research in ethnography and archaeology of Plains earthlodges and various tribes focusing on lodge construction, lifespan, rituals, craft traditions, geography, and gender symbolism.

Black Elk Speaks:
Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux. The Premier Edition, as told through John G. Neihardt (Flaming Rainbow), annotated by Raymond J. DeMallie with illustrations by Standing Bear.
$19.95/$17.95 members (paper)

Considered a religious classic. Black Elk shared his vision with Neihardt, and provides a powerful account of the decimation of the Lakotas, a respect and love of the land and those who occupy it.

The Pawnee Mission Letters, 1834-1851,
edited and with an introduction by Richard E. Jensen.
$60/$54 members (paper)

A collection of letters and journal entries by the Reverend John Dunbar and Samuel Allis, who spent twelve years as missionaries to the Pawnee.

American Indian Family Field Guide,
from Fandex.
$10.95/9.85 members

Find full color knowledge at your fingertips. Fifty die-cut cards represent American Indians from Crazy Horse to Sitting Bull, and covers America from coast to coast. Filled with historical facts, photographs, artwork, and lithographs.

American Indians in U.S. History
American Indians in U.S. History,
by Roger L. Nichols.
$24.95/$22.45 members (paper)

A brief survey for students and general readers that charts the histories of tribes throughout the United States.

An Unspeakable Sadness: The Dispossession of the Nebraska Indians,
by David J. Wishart.
$24.95/$22.45 members (paper)

The dispossession of Indians, their loss of lands and traditional lifestyles during the nineteenth century in what is now Nebraska.

Autobiography of Red Cloud:
War Leader of the Oglalas, edited by R. Eli Paul
$15.95/ $14.36 members (paper)

As Red Cloud told his story to a white friend in the 1890s, this manuscript brings us closer than ever before to understanding the life of the Lakota's greatest war leader until the rise of Crazy Horse.

Blue Water Creek and the First Sioux War, 1854-1856, by R. Eli Paul.
$34.95/$31.46 members (cloth)

A study of the significance in Lakota and U.S. History of the army's punitive campaign and defeat of the Brulés at Blue Water Creek in 1855.

Crazy Horse: The Strange Man of the Oglalas
, by Mari Sandoz
$16.95/ $15.26 members (paper)

Being both imaginative and factual, Sandoz writes of Crazy Horse, his people, and his times.

Crazy Horse: A Lakota Life, by Kingsley M. Bray.
$24.95/$22.45 members (paper)

This new biography of the famed Lakota leader is based on a broad range of archival sources (many from the Nebraska State Historical Society), and interviews with his contemporaries and modern Lakotas. It reveals the modest, reflective man that lay beneath his reputation as a war leader and offers a fuller understanding of Crazy Horse's place in American Indian and U. S. history.

The Crazy Horse Surrender Ledger
The Crazy Horse Surrender Ledger, edited by Thomas R. Buecker and R. Eli Paul
$44.95/ $40.46 members (cloth)

Reproduction of a ledger containing an 1877 census of Sioux, Cheyenne, and Arapaho Indians at Red Cloud Agency, including Crazy Horse's band.



Eagle Voice Remembers:
An Authentic Tale of the Old Sioux World, by John G. Neihardt, foreword by Coralie Hughes.
$18.95/$17.05 members [paper]

The last generation of Sioux who followed the buffalo is given a voice in this timeless tale, which Neihardt considered a prequel to his classic Black Elk Speaks.

Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Indians,
edited by David J. Wishart.
$24.95/$22.45 members (paper)

Focusing on the peoples, places, and events that have shaped the lives of the Great Plains Indians. Includes wars, treaties, and traditions, as well as contemporary topics.



I Am A Man: Chief Standing Bear's Journey for Justice,
by Joe Starita.
$15.99 /$14.39 members (paper)

The Ponca tribe of Chief Standing Bear was forced away from their Nebraska homeland and marched 600 miles to Indian Territory. This is the tale of Standing Bear's quest to return the body of his only son to the Poncas' burial ground. Standing Bear's long journey and his landmark legal case then followed raises questions about whether constitutional rights, tribal-based societies, and American democracy can co-exist in harmony.


The Killing of Crazy Horse
, by Thomas Powers.
$18.00/$16.00 members (paper)

Set against a cast of characters including jealous Native leaders, naive politicians, and opportunistic army officers, Powers recounts the final months of Crazy Horse's life and how he was killed while being arrested at Camp Robinson, Nebraska, in September 1877.

Love Flute
Love Flute
, by Paul Goble
$7.99/ $7.19 members (paper)

Winner of the Aesop Prize from the Children's Folklore Section, American Folklore Society.

Nebraska Indian Wars Reader
The Nebraska Indian Wars Reader, 1865-1877, edited by R. Eli Paul
$19.95/ $17.95 members (paper)

An anthology of eyewitness accounts, this book provides the first comprehensive look at the Indian wars in this state.

Nebraska Native Americans,
by Carole Marsh.
$7.95/$7.16 members (paper)

An outstanding teaching tool for educating children about the Native Americans from our state. The information is from the past to the present and looks at chiefs, tribes, reservations, powwows, lore and more.

Standing Bear of the Ponca,
by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve.
$14.95/$13.46 members (paper)

A children´┐Żs book that tells the complex story of the Ponca and Chief Standing Bear. Ages 8 and up.

War Party in Blue
War Party in Blue:
Pawnee Scouts in the U.S. Army, by Mark Van De Logt.
$34.95/$31.96 members (cloth)

The story of the Pawnee battalion and their valuable service to the U.S. Army during the Plains Indian Wars between 1864 and 1877, and the efforts of Pawnee scouts to preserve Pawnee land and culture.



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