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Bag in the Wind,
by Ted Kooser, illustrated by Barry Root
$17.99/ $16.19 members (cloth)

A wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated children's book about conserving our environment.

Black Elk Speaks: As Told through John G. Neihardt (Flaming Rainbow),
The Premier Edition, annotated by Raymond J. DeMallie
$19.95/$17.96 members (paper)

The story of Black Elk, Lakota holy man, and his vision.

The Buffalo Hunters: The Story of the Hide Men, by Mari Sandoz, with an introduction by Michael Punke.
$16.95/$15.25 members (paper)

The fate of the buffalo, along with the changes taking place on the Plains, is beautifully told. Second edition.

The Cattlemen
: From the Rio Grande across the Far Marias, by Mari Sandoz, with an introduction by Ron Hull. Second edition.
$19.95/$17.95 members (paper)

A story of the American West's cattle industry reaching from the Rio Grande into Montana, and from the early Spanish days to the contemporary times of Sandoz.

Cheyenne Autumn,
by Mari Sandoz.
$16.95/$15.25 members (paper)

The story of the flight of the Northern Cheyennes from Indian Territory in the autumn of 1878, their capture and imprisonment at Fort Robinson, and their desperate bid for freedom.

Crazy Horse: The Strange Man of the Oglalas
, by Mari Sandoz, introduction by Vine Deloria Jr.
$16.95/ $15.26 members (paper)

Being both imaginative and factual, Sandoz writes of Crazy Horse, his people, and his times.

A Cycle of the West:
  The Song of Three Friends
  The Song of Hugh Glass
  The Song of Jed Smith
  The Song of the Indian Wars
  The Song of the Messiah
by John G. Neihardt.
$27.95/$25.16 members (paper)

A series of epic poems celebrating the "great mood of courage that was developed west of the Missouri River in the nineteenth century."

The Giving Earth,
by John G. Neihardt, edited and with an introduction by Hilda Neihardt.
$16.95/$15.26 members (paper)

Selections of Neihardt's work, brought together by his daughter to reveal the poet's spiritual and artistic growth.

I Do Not Apologize for the Length of This Letter
: The Mari Sandoz Letters on Native American Rights, 1940-1965, by Kimberli A. Lee.

Sandoz was passionate about advocating for Native Americans and their rights. Her correspondence chronicled her long-standing relationship with tribal communities.

Journey into Christmas and Other Stories
, by Bess Streeter Aldrich, with illustrations by James Aldrich.
$19.95/$17.95 members (paper)

Think warmth, family, and the charm of the holiday season.

A Lantern in Her Hand
, by Bess Streeter Aldrich
$14.95/ $13.46 members

A novel about a woman who made a home and raised her family on the Nebraska frontier.

The Life & Poetry of Ted Kooser,
by Mary K. Stillwell.
$24.95/$22.45 members (cloth)

Kooser, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and thirteenth poet laureate of the United States, living the life that has made his poetry what it is.

Local Wonders
Local Wonders: Seasons in the Bohemian Alps,
by Ted Kooser.
$11.95/ $10.75 members (paper)

Rolling hills in eastern Nebraska are the "alps," settled in the 1870s and 1880s by Czech and German immigrants. Reflections on the region and its people by one who lives there, discovering the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Love Song to the Plains
by Mari Sandoz.
$20.00/ $18.00 members (paper)

Sandoz writes of the triumphs and failures of the people of the Great Plains. A story of the many years of life's gambles on the Plains through legends, lore, and real life.

Mother Mason,
by Bess Streeter Aldrich.
$11.95/$10.75 members (paper)

A novel focusing on the family and happiness in the home.

My Ántonia
, by Willa Cather
$7.95/ $7.16 members (paper)

Cather's novel of Great Plains settlement, which draws on her childhood.

O Pioneers!
, by Willa Cather
$6.95/ $6.25 members (paper)

A novel of prairie life, about devotion to the land in spite of hardships and suffering.

The Professor's House,
by Willa Cather.
$15.95/$14.35 members (paper)

Seeking refuge in the comfortable family home and its surroundings, Professor St. Peter spends time reflecting on his family, and a legacy that threatens to tear his family apart.

The Rim of the Prairie
, by Bess Streeter Aldrich
$19.95/ $17.95 members (paper)

Provides an understanding of small town life with a pioneer background.

Spring Came on Forever
, by Bess Streeter Aldrich
$22.95/ $20.66 members (paper)

A novel about two families, from settlement to the 1930s.

The Song of the Lark
, by Willa Cather.
$7.95/$7.16 members (paper)

Considered Cather's most autobiographical work. The life of a young woman from a small town, and her career and fame at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

The Story Catcher,
by Mari Sandoz.
$14.95/ $13.46 members (paper)

A novel that provides a glimpse at life in an Indian village on the Great Plains.

These Were the Sioux,
by Mari Sandoz.
$11.95/$10.75 members (paper)

Mari Sandoz remembers growing up among Sioux Indians in the Sandhills of Nebraska.

A Treasury of Nebraska Pioneer Folklore, compiled by Roger L. Welsch
$21.95/ $19.75 members (paper)

Compiled mostly from the Nebraska Folklore Pamphlets produced by the Federal Writer's Project in the late 1930s. Includes songs, dances, tales, and customs.

Valentines, by Ted Kooser.
$14.95/$13.46 members (cloth)

Pulitzer Prize-wining author Ted Kooser has combined twenty-two years worth of Valentine poems in this book. Line drawings by Nebraska architect Robert Hanna accompany each poem.

A White Bird Flying
, by Bess Streeter Aldrich
$17.95/ $16.16 members (paper)

Sequel to A Lantern in Her Hand.

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