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Nebraska Historical Marker Program

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The Nebraska State Historical Society is responsible for commemorating significant events, people, places, sites, movements, and traditions in Nebraska history by coordinating the erection of historical markers. By law, no marker may be erected without the written consent of the Nebraska State Historical Society. See the Revised Statutes of Nebraska for legal authority relating to the marker program.

Proposals for the placement of historical markers are often initiated by local sponsoring organizations or government entities. In most instances the local sponsor is responsible for financing the marker. The topic of a proposed marker and the specific text to appear thereon are subject to review and approval by a Nebraska State Historical committee under the provisions of R.R.S. 82-121. Proposals for markers are reviewed according to evaluation criteria set by the Society.

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All markers are cast aluminum, silver letters against a blue background, with the state seal. They are cast in three distinct designs. These are intended to reflect historical significance as suggested by the Evaluation Criteria.

The preferred location for historical markers is on public property or on property owned by non-profit organizations operating for public purposes. Markers are rarely approved for placement on individually-owned private property. If the marker will not be located along a state highway, the sponsoring organization must submit written approval from the owner of the property where the marker is to be placed, and assume the cost of its erection. Sponsoring organizations receive a credit line at the bottom of the marker.


To report on a marker's condition and for more information, contact:

Nebraska State Historical Society
P.O. Box 82554
Lincoln NE 68501-2554

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