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Nebraska Historical Markers
Evaluation Criteria

Criteria for Evaluating Events, Personalities, Places, Sites, Movements, or Traditions qualifying for marking with Nebraska Historical Markers under the Provisions of Sec. 82-120, Nebraska Revised Statutes:

  1. Events, Personalities, Places, Sites, Movements, or Traditions of statewide or national significance.
    • Examples: Chimney Rock, Ft. Atkinson, Homestead Movement, The Oregon Trail.
    • Suggested Marker Type: Two-post or tablet-style.
  2. Events, Places, Sites, Movements, or Traditions of county or community-wide historical significance.
    • Examples: County or town historical marker (often as a centennial project), or sites such as McCook Army Air Base or Peru State College.
    • Suggested Marker Type: Two-post, tablet-style, or single-post, depending on subject.
  3. Single buildings or localities of national, state, county, or community-wide significance.
    • Examples: Congregational Church of Blair, William H. Ferguson Mansion, Swedish Crosses Cemetery, Edison Schoolhouse.
    • Suggested Marker Type: Single-post.
  4. Single buildings within a larger historic district.
    • Examples: Buildings at Ft. Robinson, Willa Cather Historical Center, or within a city historic district.
    • Suggested Marker Type: Single-post.

State Historical Markers are not available to commemorate individuals, organizations, or structures noteworthy primarily for longevity, public service, or philanthrophy not meeting the criteria for historical significance in 1-4 above. Information to be placed on historical markers must be documented as to accuracy.

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