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Midair Collision of B-17 Bombers

As eight B-17F "Flying Fortresses" returned to Harvard AAF after training exercises on August 28, 1943, three collided. One crash-landed and two were demolished. Fourteen airmen died, including co-pilot Carl Hansen, whose parachute failed. Lieutenants David Rowland, Hayden Hughes, and Sgt. Earl Lynes of Hansen's crew survived. Also killed were Lieutenants John Gimperling, Peter Hirt, Lavere Clegg, Robert Twitchell, and Roy Nunn, Jr.; Sergeants Edward Kulisek, Wilbert Miller, Charles Biondolillo, Harold Lovejoy, Charles Ottinger, Richard Bush, and Richard Burchell; and Cpl. Samuel Landry.

Veterans Memorial Park Committee
Dr. Don R. Gerlach
Nebraska State Historical Society, 2013

Clay County
Harvard Veterans' Memorial Park, southeast corner of Clay Ave & Walnut, Harvard


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