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The Civilian Conservation Corps was authorized by Congress in 1933 to provide jobs and
vocational training for young men during the Depression. Company 2738 with 216 men was
organized at Nebraska City, then moved to a campsite on the Gilbert farm about 1 1/2 miles
southwest of Denton on July 28, 1934. The men lived in tents for two months while barracks
were completed. Captain Virgil Ney was the first camp commander.

Company 2738 men worked primarily on soil conservation projects in the area, including tree
planting, terracing, and construction of farm dams. They also helped Denton residents fight fires,
clear roads, and respond to accidents. A temporary side camp was located near Crete to build a
dike on the Big Blue River.

The camp had a library, provided educational programs, and published a newsletter called "The
Scoop." Athletics included baseball, softball, basketball, boxing, and tennis. Men from Company
2738 played teams from Lincoln and the surrounding area.

In spite of its many worthwhile contributions, the CCC was disbanded in 1942 after the outbreak
of World War II.

Village of Denton
Nebraska State Historical Society
Nebraska CCC Veterans Association
S55A, Denton, Main Street
Lancaster County
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