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Three German Lutheran congregations, Zion, Salem, and Emmanuel, built churches in Stillwater
Precinct, Webster County, Nebraska. Emmanuel was the last to build and the last to disband.
Emmanuel Lutheran Church was formally dedicated on this site, July 16, 1905. Services were
conducted in German in the morning, and in English that afternoon. Worship in both languages
continued, with German being used less frequently in later years.

The first recorded activity in the church records was the baptism of August Friedrich Blobaum,
March 13, 1904. The last recorded service was February 2, 1952, with Communion being
received by Augusta Degener, Corrine Degener, Frank Degener, John F. Degener, Robert D.
Degener, Anna Scheiding, Edwin Scheiding, Clarence Schutte, Harold Schutte, Emma
Stumpenhorst, William Stumpenhorst, and Fred Sundermeir.

The Emmanuel Lutheran Church was an inspiring structure in its day with its Christian cross,
atop a sixty-foot steeple, rising above the prairie farmlands. In 1952 the building was moved to
Rosemont to serve another congregation. The cemetery remains as Emmanuel's legacy to the Stillwater community.

Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery Board
Nebraska State Historical Society
8 miles north, 2 miles west, Jct.U.S. 136/Nebr. 78
Webster County
Marker 395


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