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This building was constructed in 1856 to serve as the Fontanelle Bank. During the Panic of 1857, the Fontanelle Bank failed as did most of the wildcat banks of the Nebraska Territory.

The legislature of the Territory authorized its purchase in 1860 for public use by Sarpy County and it was acquired by the county in 1861 to become the Sarpy County Courthouse. In 1875 the Sarpy County offices were moved to Papillion.

The building was then used by Bellevue as a Town Hall for more than three quarters of a century, serving the city until 1959, when a municipal building was constructed.

The building is of hand-made Nebraska brick. On the first floor one can still see the vault designed for use by the Fontanelle Bank.

In the history of Nebraska, buildings such as this have given service as the transition has been made from frontier settlements to modern communities. It has been preserved as one of the earliest public buildings in the State of Nebraska.

Mrs. Harold LeMar
Historical Land Mark Council
Main & Mission Streets, Bellevue
Sarpy County
Marker 51


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