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County        Marker Title                                      Location 

Adams         Susan O. Hail Grave                               3.5 miles west and 2 miles north of Kenesaw 
Adams         Central Hastings Historic District                Alexander Park, 7th. St. and N. Lincoln Ave., Hastings
Adams         Crystal Lake                                      Crystal Lake State Recreation Area, Ayr
Adams         Hastings Chautauqua Pavilion                      Chautauqua Park, 5th St. and Laird Ave., Hastings          
Adams         Heartwell Park Historic District                  Heartwell Park, Forest Blvd. and N. California Ave., Hastings 
Adams         Naval Ammunition Depot                            Central Community College, 1.5 miles east of Hastings on U.S. 6 
Adams         Kingston Cemetery                                 U.S. 281, 2.5 miles northeast of Ayr 
Adams         The Oregon Trail                                  U.S. 6/34, 9 miles west of Hastings

Antelope      Ponca Trail of Tears - White Buffalo Girl         U.S. 275, Neligh Cemetery
Antelope      The Prairie States Forestry Project               1.5 miles north of Orchard 
Antelope      The Neligh Mill Bridge                            U.S. 275, Neligh Mills State Historic Site, Neligh 
Antelope      The Neligh Mills                                  U.S. 275, Neligh Mills State Historic Site, Neligh 

Boone         St. Edward                                        City park, adjacent to Nebr. 39 
Boone         Logan Fontenelle                                  Nebr. 14, Petersburg City Park 

Box Butte     The Sidney_Black Hills Trail                      Nebr. 2, 12 miles west of Hemingford. 
Box Butte     Burlington Locomotive 719                         Northeast corner of 16th and Box Butte Ave., Alliance 
Box Butte     Hemingford                                        Main Street, Hemingford 
Box Butte     Box Butte Country                                 Jct. U.S. 385/Nebr. 87, ten miles east of Hemingford 
Box Butte     The Alliance Army Air Field                       Nebr. 2, Airport Road, Alliance 

Boyd          Lewis and Clark Camp Site: Sept 7, 1804           Neb. 12,  1/2 mile east of  Lynch 
Boyd          Lost Airmen of WW II                              Highway 12, 0.5 miles east of Naper, near Knollcrest Cemetery 

Brown         Lakeland Sod High School                          U.S. 20, 7.5 miles west of Ainsworth 
Brown         Ainsworth Army Air Field                          Ainsworth Municipal Airport 

Buffalo       The Great Plains                                  I-80 rest area, westbound, Kearney 
Buffalo       CCC Camp, Ravenna, Nebraska                       Nebr. 2, 1 mile southeast of Ravenna 
Buffalo       Nebraska Centre - Boyd Ranche                     U.S. 30, 1.75 miles west of Gibbon
Buffalo       Blue Mills and Glenwood Park                      Wood River Rd and HWY 10/2nd Ave, Glenwood Park (N of Kearney on HWY 10/2nd Ave)
Buffalo       Kearney - Fort Kearny                             I-80 rest area, eastbound, Kearney 
Buffalo       Post South Loup Fork "Fort Banishment"            Nebr. 2, 1 mile southeast of Ravenna 
Buffalo       Gibbon                                            Gibbon Heritage Center, 2nd and Court St., Gibbon 
Buffalo       Watson Ranch                                      U.S. 30, 4 miles west of Kearney 
Buffalo       Elm Creek                                         Library on Tyler St., Elm Creek 
Buffalo       Kearney Cotton Mill                               U.S. 30, 3 miles west of Kearney  
Buffalo       Historic Kearney                                  City Centennial Park, Kearney 
Buffalo       Gibbon, 1871-1971                                 Windmill Park Access Road, 3 miles south of Gibbon 
Buffalo       University of Nebraska at Kearney                 1 mile west of Jct. Nebr. 10/U.S. 30 
Buffalo       Joseph E. Johnson and The Huntsman's Echo         Railroad Park, Main St. and U.S. 30, Shelton 
Buffalo       Buffalo County's Lincoln Highway Seedling Mile    19th Avenue and 24th Street/Highway 30,  
                                                                    University of Nebraska at Kearney 

Burt          Tekamah                                           U.S. 73, Tekamah 
Burt          The Logan Creek Site                              U.S. 77, 2 miles south of Oakland  
Burt          Lyons                                             U.S. 77, south of Lyons 
Burt          Victor Colson Homestead                           U.S. 77, 1/2 mile north of Oakland 

Butler        Shinn's Ferry                                     Nebr. 64, 5.5 miles east of Bellwood 

Cass          Weeping Water Academy                             Weeping Water Public Library, Randolph and H Sts. 
Cass          St. Patrick's Cemetery                            Manley  
Cass          Prehistoric Burial Site                           Eugene T. Mahoney State Park, 4 miles south of Ashland 
Cass          Company A - First Nebraska Volunteer Infantry 
              1861-1866                                         Cass County Historical Society Museum, 646 Main St., Plattsmouth 
Cass          Bess Streeter Aldrich: 1881-1954                  Bess Streeter Aldrich House, 204 East F Street, Elmwood.   
Cass          Lewis and Clark Campsite: July 21, 1804           U.S. 75 at south end of Platte River Bridge  

Cedar         Scenic Missouri Valley                            U.S. 81, c. 3 miles south of Yankton, South Dakota  
Cedar         Historic Missouri Valley                          U.S. 81, c. 3 miles south of Yankton, South Dakota  
Cedar         Cedar County                                      County Courthouse, Hartington  
Cedar         Hartington - Home of two Nebraska Governors       Cedar County Museum, 304 W. Franklin St., Hartington  
Cedar         Paragon Cemetery                                  88498    567 Ave., Hartington  

Chase         Champion Water-Powered Mill                       Nebr. S15A, 3 miles west of Imperial 

Cherry        Bryan Bridge                                      Turnoff from U.S. 20, southeast of Valentine
Cherry        Dewitty                                           Highway 83 near Brownlee turnoff
Cherry        Opening the Sandhills                             U.S. 20, 2.5 miles east of Cherry-Sheridan west line. 8.5 miles east of Gordon
Cherry        Survey Valley, Cherry County, Nebraska            HWY 16 (18 mi N of Grant-Cherry Co. line or 42 mi S of Merriman)e 
Cherry        Dry Valley Church & Cemetery                      HWY 97, N of Dry Valley Road (approximately 20 mi N of HWY 2 on HWY 97)east of Gordon  
Cherry        Fort Niobrara                                     U.S. 20, 1.5 miles southeast of Valentine 
Cherry        Midair Collision of P-47 "Thunderbolt" 
                   Fighter Planes, 1944                         Highway 20, Wood Lake  

Cheyenne      The Golden Link                                   I-80 rest area, eastbound, Sidney  
Cheyenne      Early Irrigation in Cheyenne County               U.S. 30, 1 mile east of Potter 
Cheyenne      Fort Sidney                                       U.S. 30, Sidney                   
Cheyenne      Discovery Oil Well - Marathon Oil Co              U.S. 385, 4.5 miles south of Gurley  
Cheyenne      Sidney-Black Hills Trail                          U.S. 30, Sidney                    
Cheyenne      Cheyenne County                                   I-80 rest area, eastbound, Sidney  
Cheyenne      Geology                                           I-80 rest area, eastbound, Sidney  
Cheyenne      Sioux Army Depot                                  U.S. 30, northwest of Brownson     
Cheyenne      Sidney-Cheyenne County                            I-80 rest area, westbound, Sidney  
Cheyenne      Lodgepole and the Union Pacific Railroad          1/2 block N. of Hwy. 30, McCall St., Lodgepole   
Cheyenne      Nebraska's Earliest Documented Burial             West side of Fort Sidney Rd. between Toledo St and Deaver Dr, Sidney  

Clay          Clay Center                                       Alexander and Johnson Avenues, Clay Center
Clay          Harvard                                           City Park, Harvard     
Clay          Midair Collision of B-17 Bombers                  Harvard Veterans' Memorial Park, southeast corner of Clay Ave & Walnut, Harvard
Clay          Harvard Army Air Field                            Harvard Veterans' Memorial/Park, Main Street (Clay Ave), Harvard   
Clay          Harvard Jail                                      South side of Oak Street between Harvard & Clay streets, Harvard  
Clay          German Russians Come To Sutton                    City Park, Saunders & Ash Streets, Sutton  
Clay          Harvard's 1915 Carnegie Library                   309 N Clay Ave, Harvard  
Clay          Spring Ranche                                     Nebr. 74, 6 miles west of Fairfield  
Clay          Edgar 1872-1972                                   Nebr. 14, 4 miles west of Edgar  
Clay          Sutton                                            City Park, Sutton  
Clay          The Soldiers' Monument                            S.W. section of city park, Cedar and Saunders, Sutton  

Cuming        DeWitt Historical Site                            Nebr. 275, 4 miles west, .75 mile north of West Point  
Cuming        John G. Neihardt Study                            Grove and Washington Sts., Bancroft  
Cuming        John G. Neihardt Center                           Elm and Washington Sts., Bancroft   
Cuming        Bancroft                                          .5 mile west of Jct. Nebr. 51/16    

Custer        Ansley 1886-1986                                  City Park, Ansley 
Custer        Custer County's First Courthouse                  Nebr. 40, Morgan Park, Callaway   
Custer        Broken Bow                                        County Courthouse, Broken Bow    
Custer        Buckeye                                           Corner of Sumner Rd & Buckeye Rd, S of Broken Bow (GPS 44305 Buckeye Rd, Broken Bow)    
Custer        Mitchell-Ketchum Homesteads                       Highway 70, east of Westerville near Road 459   
Custer        Westerville 1880-1980                             Jct. Nebr. 70/U.S. 183, west edge of Westerville  
Custer        The Nebraska State Grange                         Nebr. 2, 5 miles northwest of Broken Bow  
Custer        Cumro, Nebraska                                   12.5 miles south of Ansley on U.S. 183, then 6 miles west, on north side of intersect 

Dakota        Territorial Church                                Old U.S. 77, Dakota City            
Dakota        Combs School, Built 1857 - Closed 1964            U.S. 77, 1.5 miles south of Homer   
Dakota        Lewis and Clark Camp Site: Aug 21, 1804           U.S. 20, 1 mile west of Jackson     
Dakota        Tonwantonga                                       U.S. 77, 3 miles north of Homer       
Dakota        St. John's, 1856                                  U.S. 20, Jackson  

Dawes        Butte Country                                       U.S. 20, 4 miles east of Crawford  
Dawes        The First Church in Chadron                        Chadron Avenue and 4th Sts., Chadron  
Dawes        The Fort Pierre-Fort Laramie Trail                 Roadside park, west Jct. U.S. 385/U.S. 20, Chadron 
Dawes        Bordeaux Trading Post                              U.S. 20, Museum of the Fur Trade, 3 miles east of Chadron 
Dawes        German P.O.W. Camp                                 Fort Robinson State Park   
Dawes        Fort Robinson and the Railroad                     Fort Robinson State Park   
Dawes        Fort Robinson-Camp Sheridan­
                 Pine Ridge Indian Agency Road                  Intersection of 16th Street and U.S. 385, Chadron                         
Dawes        Post Headquarters, 1905                            Fort Robinson State Park   
Dawes        Red Cloud Agency                                   Fort Robinson State Park   
Dawes        Adobe Officers' Quarters                           Fort Robinson State Park  
Dawes        K-9 Training Area                                  Fort Robinson State Park   
Dawes        1887 Barracks Row                                  Fort Robinson State Park  
Dawes        Flagstaff, 1890                                    Fort Robinson State Park   
Dawes        Chadron-Chicago Cowboy Race (1893)                 Second and Bordeaux Sts., Chadron   
Dawes        The Fort Robinson Cemetery                         Fort Robinson State Park   
Dawes        Officer's Row, 1909                                Fort Robinson State Park  
Dawes        Officer's Row, 1874-1875                           Fort Robinson State Park  
Dawes        The Death of Baptiste Garnier                      Main Street, Crawford      
Dawes        Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Robinson                  Fort Robinson State Park  
Dawes        Chadron Creek Trading Post                         U.S. 385, 5.5 miles south of Chadron   
Dawes        Fort Robinson                                      Fort Robinson State Park   
Dawes        1909 Brick Barracks                                Fort Robinson State Park   
Dawes        The Flight of the Cheyennes                        Fort Robinson State Park   
Dawes        Fighting in the Buttes                             Fort Robinson State Park   
Dawes        The Council Tree                                   5 miles east of Crawford on Hwy 20, N on Whitney Lake Rd., 1.2 miles to old Hwy 20, W, .6 miles   
Dawes        Chadron State College                              Entrance to campus, Chadron (marker destroyed)   
Dawes        Chadron State Park                                 U.S. 385, 8 miles south of Chadron  
Dawes        Crawford                                           Wayside Park, Jct. U.S. 20/Nebr. 2, Crawford   
Dawes        Crawford 1891 School Bell                          Southeast corner of Coates and 5th Sts., Crawford   

Dawson       The 100th Meridian                                 U.S. 30, Cozad              
Dawson       Swedish Crosses Cemetery                           NE 1/4, NE 1/4, T12N, R25W   
Dawson       Central Platte Valley (replaced 74)                I-80 rest area, westbound, Cozad   
Dawson       Central Platte Valley (replaced 73)                I-80 rest area, eastbound, Cozad   
Dawson       The Tobin Indian Raid                              U. S. 30, 1.5 miles east of Overton   

Deuel        Waterman Sod House                                 U.S. 138, Eiker Park, Big Springs  
Deuel        B-24J Bomber Crash                                 Pony Express Park, south of Chappell   
Deuel        Phelps Hotel                                       Block 9, Big Springs                   
Deuel        Historic Lodgepole Creek Valley                    I-80 rest area, eastbound, Chappell     
Deuel        The Great Platte River Road                        I-80 rest area, eastbound, Big Springs   
Deuel        Julesburg and Fort Sedgwick                        I-80 rest area, eastbound, Big Springs   
Deuel        Sam Bass and the Big Springs Robbery               U.S. 138, Big Springs   
Deuel        Big Springs                                        I-80 rest area, eastbound, Big Springs  

Dixon        Ponca State Park                                   Ponca State Park, Ponca   
Dixon        The Ionia "Volcano"                                Nebr. 12, Pfister Park, east edge of Newcastle 
Dixon        Lewis and Clark Camp Sites: Aug 23-25, 1804        Nebr. 12, 3 miles west of Newcastle  
Dixon        Ponca                                              Main Street, Ponca    

Dodge        The Great Platte River Route West                  U.S. 30, Fremont State Lake, 4 miles west of Fremont   
Dodge        Pawnee Villages                                    U.S. 77, south side of Platte River N 88
Dodge        Millar-Sloss Pioneer Cemetery                      .5 mile west of Jct. Nebr. 79/U.S.30 and .25 mile south, North Bend  
Dodge        Webster                                            Intersection of County Road K and Nebraska 79, between North Bend and Snyder
Dodge        Dodge County Poor Farm                             1777 County Road 23, Nickerson
Dodge        Fremont, Nebraska                                  5th and Park Streets, Fremont 

Douglas      Winter Quarters                                    U.S. 73/75, Florence Park, Omaha  
Douglas      Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition     Heartland of America Park, Omaha   
Douglas      Lincoln Highway                                    Old Lincoln HWY bet N 192nd & N 180th, Elkhorn             
Douglas      Poynter Hall                                       42nd & Dewey Ave, UNMC Campus, Omaha
Douglas      Lewis and Clark Camp Site: July 27, 1804           N.P. Dodge Park, Omaha             
Douglas      Crook House                                        30th and Fort Sts., Fort Omaha in Omaha   
Douglas      Fort Atkinson                                      .5 miles east of 96th St. and Nebr. 36, north of Omaha   
Douglas      Omaha                                              Ak-Sar-Ben coliseum, Omaha            
Douglas      The Bank of Florence                               8500 block on No. 30th St., Omaha     
Douglas      Platte River History                               Jct. of U.S. 275/Nebr. 36, 6 miles northwest of Valley   
Douglas      Kobs Pioneer Cemetery                              Approximately 1 mile north of 144th and State Street, Omaha
Douglas      Central High School                                124 N. 20th St., Omaha     
Douglas      Malcolm "X"                                        3448 Pinckney St., Omaha   
Douglas      Fort Omaha                                         30th and Fort Sts., Fort Omaha in Omaha            
Douglas      Shipley Cemetery                                   Ponca Hills Fire Station, 12919 Ponca Rd., Omaha   
Douglas      Father Flanagan's Boys' Home                       (near) U.S. 6 and Flanagan Blvd., Boys Town Campus      
Douglas      Ak-Sar-Ben Field and the U.S. Air Mail             University of  Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), 1110 South 67th St.     
Douglas      Boettger Farm                                      .5 mile east of 96th St. and Nebr. 36, north of Omaha   
Douglas      William Henry Jackson                              W. Dale Clark Library, 15th and Douglas Sts., Omaha    
Douglas      Creighton University                               On the campus, Omaha  
Douglas      Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition     Kountze Park, Omaha   
Douglas      Forest Lawn Memorial Park                          40th and Forest Lawn Ave., Omaha (Centennial Garden, Sec. 31)   
Douglas      Capitol Hill                                       20th and Dodge Sts., Omaha         
Douglas      The Florence Mill                                  Nebr. 36, west of the Mormon Bridge   
Douglas      Duchesne Academy                                   3601 Burt St., Omaha         
Douglas      Historic Prospect Hill--Omaha's Pioneer Cemetery   33rd and Parker Sts., Omaha   
Douglas      Oto Indians                                        Two Rivers State Recreation Area  
Douglas      Chief Standing Bear                                Standing Bear Lake, 138th and Fort Streets    
Douglas      Captain William Clark and Private Reuben Field     Lewis and Clark Landing, Adjacent to Omaha Convention Center  
Douglas      Buffalo Bill at the Trans-Mississippi and Inter-
             national Exposition and Indian Congress of 1898    Kountze Park, northeast corner of Florence Blvd. and Pinkney St., Omaha  
Douglas      George and Sarah Joslyn Home                       Northeast side of 40th and Davenport intersection, Omaha  
Douglas      Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church                   2650 Farnam St, Omaha      
Douglas      Before Creighton University                        Southwest corner of 19th and California, Creighton University, Omaha    
Douglas      South Omaha People                                 MCC South Omaha Campus, South 27th and Q streets, Omaha    
Douglas      Nebraska School for the Deaf                       3223 N 45th, Omaha    

Dundy        Texas Trail Canyon                                 U.S. 34, 4 miles east of Haigler      
Dundy        General Custer in Nebraska                         U.S. 34, south edge of Benkelman      
Dundy        Ward Bond's Boyhood Home                           422 W. 5th. Ave., Benkelman          
Dundy        Prisoners of War in Dundy County                   8.3 miles N of Hwy. 34/61 junction, near mile marker 13, Benkelman  
Dundy        Nature's Gift: The Highway 34 Springs              Old Highway 34, 1/2 mile south of U.S. 34 on Ave 339, Benkelman    

Fillmore     The Blizzard of 1888                               Nebr. 41, .75 mile north of Milligan   
Fillmore     Fairmont Army Air Field                            U.S. 81, 2.5 miles south of Fairmont   
Fillmore     Fairmont Army Air Field                            U.S. 6, 1 mile east of Fairmont        
Fillmore     Fairmont Creamery Company                          Main Street, 2 blocks south of U.S. 6, Fairmont   
Fillmore     Fillmore County, 1871-1971                         Ninth and G Sts., Geneva   
Fillmore     1879 Exeter 1979                                   Exeter                    
Fillmore     Stockholm Lutheran Church and Swedish Cemetery     Nebr. 74, 2 miles west of Shickley   
Fillmore     The Pioneer Chapel and Cesky Bratri Cemetery       Nebraska 41, one mile west of the Milligan Corner  
Fillmore     Ohiowa Auditorium                                  South Main Street, Ohiowa  
Fillmore     B-17G "Flying Fortress" and 
                P-47D "Thunderbolt" Crash, 1944                 Nebr. Highway 41, north of Milligan    
Fillmore     Two B-24 "Liberators" Crash Near Milligan, 1943    Nebr. Highway 41, north of Milligan   
Fillmore     BT-13B "Valiant" and 
                P-47D "Thunderbolt" Crash, 1944                 Nebr. Highway 41, north of Milligan   

Franklin     Franklin County                                    County Courthouse, Franklin    
Franklin     Franklin Academy                                   City Park, Franklin   

Frontier     Frontier County, Stockville                        Nebr. 18, 1 mile west of Stockville 
Frontier     Ingham                                             Nebr. 23, 5 miles east of Moorefield  

Furnas       The Small Schoolhouse                              Edison                            
Furnas       Nebraska's Flying Doctor                           Nebr. 89, Beaver City              
Furnas       The Republican River Flood of 1935                 U.S. 136, 1.2 miles west of Oxford  
Furnas       Burtons Bend                                       U.S. 6/34, Holbrook               
Furnas       Norwegian Lutheran Church                          1.5 miles west, 2 miles north of Holbrook  

Gage         Homestead Movement                                 U.S. 77, Beatrice Airport   
Gage         The Oto and Missouri Agency                        Nebr. 8, south edge of Barneston 
Gage         The Oketo Cutoff                                   Nebr. 8, milepost 74.6, west of Odell  

Garden       Windlass Hill Pioneer Homestead                    U.S. 26, Ash Hollow State Park   
Garden       Ash Hollow                                         Ash Hollow State Historical Park visitor center, southeast of Lewellen  
Garden       Ash Hollow Geology                                 Ash Hollow State Park visitor center, southeast of Lewellen  
Garden       John Hollman Grave                                 Nebr. 27, 2 miles south of Oshkosh    
Garden       Battle of Blue Water                               U.S. 26, 1.5 miles west of Lewellen  

Garfield     The North Loup Project                             Calamus Dam, 2 miles west, 4 miles north of Burwell 
Garfield     Garfield County                                    County Courthouse, Burwell  
Garfield     The Calamus Valley                                 Calamus Reservoir, visitor center overlook, northwest of Burwell  
Garfield     The Easter Blizzard of 1873                        Nebr. 91, 2 miles east of Burwell   
Garfield     The Pebble Creek Fight                             Nebr. 91, 2 miles east of Burwell  
Garfield     Kamp Kaleo                                         Nebr. 91, 1 mile east of Burwell  

Gosper       George E. Johnson                                  U.S. 283, Johnson Lake            

Greeley      Chalk Mine                                         Nebr. 11, 2 miles south of Scotia   

Hall         Sandhill Cranes                                    2 miles south of I-80 Alda Interchange, mm 305, on Alda Road   
Hall         St. Joseph and Grand Island Railroad               Pine St., Doniphan              
Hall         Hall County Poor Farm Cemetery                     SWC of HWY 281 & Abbott Road, north of Grand Island
Hall         Martin Brothers                                    Crane Meadows Center, south side I-80, Alda interchange  
Hall         Original Townsite of Wood River                    U.S. 30, 3 miles west of Wood River  
Hall         The Old Fort Kearny (Nebraska City) Road           Lot 10, Amick Acres subdivision       
Hall         Conflict of 1867                                   U.S. 281, west of Doniphan            
Hall         The Mormon Trail                                   Stuhr Museum, south of Grand Island, Wayside Park   
Hall         LaGrande Isle                                      Stolley Park, Grand Island   
Hall         Grand Island                                       I-80 rest area, eastbound, 2.5 miles east of Interchange 
Hall         The O.K. Store                                     Fonner Park, Grand Island   
Hall         Pioneer Park                                       Pioneer Park, Grand Island   
Hall         Grand Island                                       I-80 rest area, westbound, 1.5 miles west of Interchange  
Hall         The Lincoln Memorial Highway                       Pioneer Park, West Second and Cleburn Sts., Grand Island  
Hall         B-17 Crash, 1943                                   Husker Highway and 150th Road, Wood River    
Hall         Central Nebraska Regional Airport                  Terminal Building, Grand Island Airport, 3773 Sky Park Road    
Hall         Hall County Courthouse                             Courthouse grounds, Grand Island      
Hall         The Seedling Mile                                  Highway 30 and Stuhr Rd., east edge of Grand Island  
Hall         Old Dodge School - World War II POW Branch Camp    NW corner of the Dodge parking lot, 1st and Walnut Streets, Grand Island  
Hall         B-17 Bomber Crash, 1944                            5537 St. Paul Road, Grand Island                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Hamilton     Deep Well Irrigation                               U.S. 34, city park, Aurora   
Hamilton     Farmers' Valley Cemetery                           5 miles east and .5 mile north of Stockham  
Hamilton     Hamilton County Courthouse                         County Courthouse, Aurora      
Hamilton     Siloa Cemetery                                     17th & M Roads, Aurora vicinity                 
Hamilton     Youst Cemetery, Hampton, Nebraska                  Corner of State Hwy. L41D and Co. Rd E12, 1 mile south of Hampton                

Harlan       Pioneer Crossing                                   Nebr. 4, 3 miles west of Ragan  

Hayes        The Grand Duke Alexis                              5 miles east and 2 miles north of Hayes Center

Hitchcock    Culbertson, First Hitchcock County Seat            City Park, Culbertson  
Hitchcock    The Leavenworth and Pike's Peak Express            City Park, Stratton     
Hitchcock    Massacre Canyon                                    U.S. 34, 3.5 miles east of Trenton    
Hitchcock    Prisoners of War in Hitchcock County               Main Street, Palisade   
Hitchcock    Stone Church                                       Nebr. 17, 8.5 miles south and .25 mile east of Culbertson   

Holt         U.S. Highway 281                                   U.S. 281, 8.5 miles south of O'Neill    
Holt         O'Neill                                            U.S. 20, 2 miles southeast of O'Neill   
Holt         The Savidge Brothers, Aviation Pioneers            U.S. 275, east edge of Ewing
Holt         Page Base Line                                     5th & Market, Page          
Holt         O'Neill, Irish Capital of Nebraska                 U.S. 20, O'Neill, county courthouse    

Hooker       Mullen, Hooker County                              Hooker County Courthouse, Mullen        
Hooker       Site of Hecla, Nebraska                            11 miles west of Mullen on Highway 2   

Howard       St. Wenceslaus Cemetery                            1 mile south, .75 mile west, Jct. Nebr. 11/Nebr. 92   
Howard       Grover Cleveland Alexander                         U.S. 281, 2 miles south of St. Paul  
Howard       Dannebrog, Nebraska's Danish Capital               Columbia Hall, Nebr. 58, Dannebrog    
Howard       First Presbyterian Church of St. Paul              816 Indian Street, St. Paul   

Jefferson    Plymouth                                           Neb. 4, west edge of Plymouth in town park       
Jefferson    1880 Diller 1980                                   City Park, east side of Nebr. 103, Diller   
Jefferson    The Smith Limekiln                                 River Road, northwest of Fairbury   
Jefferson    Jansen                                             U.S. 136, 1 mile west of Jansen     

Johnson      Cook                                               Cook Park, corner of Main and Third Sts. and the Cook Spur  
Johnson      Tecumseh                                           City Hall, Tecumseh   
Kearney      Fort Kearny                                        Fort Kearney State Historical Park  
Kearney      Axtell, Nebraska                                   U.S. 6/34, City Park, Axtell     
Kearney      The Burlington and Missouri River Railroad         Nebr. 10, 1.5 miles south of Platte River bridge  
Kearney      Walker's Ranch                                     Nebr. 44, .5 mile north of Wilcox   
Kearney      The Great Platte River Road                        Nebr. 44, near Jct. Nebr. 50A    
Kearney      Dobytown                                           Nebr. 50A, 2 miles west of Fort Kearny State Historical Park  
Kearney      1872 Lowell 1972                                   South of Interstate exit 285, Lowell townsite  
Kearney      Osco Cemetery and School                           Osco Road, Upland   

Keith        Court House Rock, Chimney Rock, and Scott's Bluff  I-80 rest area, westbound, Roscoe 
Keith        Ash Hollow                                         I-80 rest area, westbound, Roscoe  
Keith        Ogallala                                           I-80 rest area, westbound, Roscoe 
Keith        California Hill                                    U.S. 30, 5 miles west of Brule   
Keith        Cowboy Capital                                     Mansion on the Hill Museum,  10th and N. Spruce St., Ogallala   
Keith        Boot Hill                                          North part of Ogallala   

Kimball      Nebraska                                           I-80 rest area, eastbound, Bushnell   
Kimball      Kimball County                                     I-80 rest area, eastbound, Bushnell   
Kimball      Maginnis Irrigation Flume                          Old Highway 30, Kimball   

Knox         Lewis and Clark Camp Site: Sept 2, 1804            Village of Lindy   
Knox         The Ponca Tribe (replaced marker #62)              Nebr. 12, near entrance to Niobrara State Park  
Knox         The Sage Brothers                                  Nebr. 12, 1.5 miles west of Niobrara 

Lancaster    Giant Glacial Boulder                              14th and Manatt Sts., Lincoln               
Lancaster    1776 Bicentennial Prairie Marker 1976              U.S. 77 rest area, 2 miles east of Sprague   
Lancaster    Civilian Conservation Corps Co. 2738               Main Street, Denton                         
Lancaster    Fairview: Home of William Jennings Bryan           Bryan/LGH Medical Center East, 49th and Sumner Sts., Lincoln  
Lancaster    The Lincoln Regional Center                        Lincoln Regional Center, Van Dorn and Folsom Sts., Lincoln   
Lancaster    Nebraska Statehood Memorial                        1627 H St., Lincoln                                         
Lancaster    Pershing Rifles                                    Military and Naval Science Building, UNL, 14th and Vine Sts., Lincoln  
Lancaster    Nine-Mile Prairie Memorial                         Former air base ammunition depot, west of N.W. 48th St., Lincoln  
Lancaster    Nine-Mile Prairie                                  Former air base ammunition depot, west of N.W. 48th St., Lincoln   
Lancaster    Lincoln Aviation Personalities before 1930         Lincoln Municipal Airport           
Lancaster    Lincoln Army Air Field/Air Force Base              Bowling Lake Park, Lincoln Air Park  
Lancaster    Lincoln's Emergence as an Aviation Center          Lincoln Municipal Airport           
Lancaster    The City of Lincoln                                I-80 rest area, westbound, Lincoln  
Lancaster    The North Bottoms                                  Tenth and Charleston Sts., Lincoln   
Lancaster    Lincoln's Founding Block                           S.W. corner of 10th and Q Sts., Lincoln   
Lancaster    The Ferguson House                                 700 So. 16th St., Lincoln                 
Lancaster    The University of Nebraska                         University of Nebraska campus, 11th and S Sts., Lincoln  
Lancaster    The Lewis-Syford House                             700 No. 16th St., Lincoln            
Lancaster    County-City Building                               City County Building, Lincoln      
Lancaster    Nebraska's Prairie Plants                          I-80 rest area, westbound, Lincoln   
Lancaster    Crounse                                            Area 6, Branched Oak State Recreation Area, Raymond   
Lancaster    The Nebraska State Historical Society              1500 R Street, Lincoln                
Lancaster    U.S. Post Office and Courthouse (Old City Hall)    NW corner of 10th and O Sts., Lincoln   
Lancaster    Nebraska City--Fort Kearny Cutoff                  Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center,  11700 SW 100th  St., Denton   
Lancaster    Rock Island Wreck Site, 1894                       3/4 mile south of Old Cheney Rd. at about 4th and Old Cheney, 
                                                                    along Jamaica North Trail, Lincoln    

Lincoln      Fort McPherson                                     Lincoln County Historical Society Museum, 2403 North Buffalo St., North Platte  
Lincoln      Crossing the Overland Trail                        I-80 rest area, eastbound, Sutherland  
Lincoln      Road Ranches Along the Platte                      I-80 rest area, eastbound, Brady        
Lincoln      Fort McPherson                                     U.S. 30, west edge of Maxwell           
Lincoln      Fort McPherson and North Platte                    I-80 rest area, westbound, Brady       
Lincoln      Sioux Lookout                                      Courthouse Square, North Platte        
Lincoln      Scout's Rest                                       Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park, North Platte  
Lincoln      The Great Platte River Road                        I-80 rest area, westbound, Sutherland  
Lincoln      The Great Platte River Road                        I-80 rest area, eastbound, Sutherland   

Loup         Valleyview                                         Valleyview Flats area at Calamus Reservoir State Recreation area   
Loup         Harrop                                             U.S. 183, 18 miles north of Taylor     

Madison      Battle Creek                                       Nebr.121, north edge of Battle Creek   
Madison      Barnes Reserve Cemetery                            Old U.S. 81, in Madison                   
Madison      Verges Park (Norfolk Brick and Tile Company)       N. 7th & Verges Ave., Elkhorn Valley Mus., Norfolk     
Madison      Meadow Grove                                       U.S. 275 wayside area, east edge of Meadow Grove     
Madison      The Skala Timber House                             Parks of Pride, off Highway 121, south edge of Battle Creek   

Merrick      Lone Tree                                          U.S. 30, Central City  
Merrick      The Mormon Trail                                   U.S. 30, Central City 

Morrill      Camp Clarke Bridge and Sidney Black Hills Trail    U.S. 26, 3 miles west of Bridgeport     
Morrill      Chimney Rock                                       Nebr. 92, southwest of Bayard (replaced by 152)  #1
Morrill      Mud Springs                                        HWY 385 bet Bridgeport & Dalton (15 mi S of Bridgeport or 6 mi N Dalton)
Morrill      Courthouse and Jail Rocks                          Nebr. 88, .3 mile north of Seybolt Park  
Morrill      Narcissa Whitman                                   U.S. 26, 8 miles east of Broadwater   
Morrill      Chimney Rock (replaced 1)                          Nebr. 92, southwest of Bayard        
Morrill      Amanda Lamme                                       U.S. 385, southeast of Bridgeport    
Morrill      Bridgeport, Nebraska                               Near U.S. 385 / U.S. 26 Junction     

Nance        Mormon Pioneer Campsite                            Nebr. 14, 2 miles south of Fullerton (replaced by 162)   
Nance        Pawnee                                             Nebr. 39, city park, Genoa             
Nance        Mormon Pioneer Campsite (replaced 27)              Nebr. 14, 2 miles south of Fullerton   
Nance        Genoa: 1857-1859                                   Nebr. 39, City Park, Genoa        

Nemaha       Lewis and Clark Campsite: July 15, 1804            Brownville State Recreation Area   
Nemaha       Brownville (replaced 64)                           U.S. 136, City Park, Brownville    
Nemaha       Muir House                                         U.S. 136, Brownville
Nemaha       Auburn Post Office Mural                           1320 Courthouse Ave, Auburn               
Nemaha       Peru State College                                 On the campus, Peru                
Nemaha       Half-Breed Tract                                   U.S. 136, .5 mile east of Auburn   
Nemaha       The Nebraska State Teachers' Association           Brownville Public School           
Nemaha       Nemaha County Courthouse                           Courthouse grounds, Auburn         

Nuckolls     1864 Indian Raids                                  Nebr. 14, 9 miles north of Nelson  
Nuckolls     Indian Captives                                    Oregon Trail Park, Oak           
Nuckolls     Skirmish at Spring Creek                           U.S. 136, 2 miles west of Ruskin   
Nuckolls     Original Townsite of Oak                           2 miles southeast of Oak on Oak-Ruskin Road, near Little Blue River 

Otoe         Old Fort Kearny                                    East Central Ave., Nebraska City          
Otoe         Nebraska City-Fort Kearny Cutoff                   Nebr. 2, northwest edge of Syracuse       
Otoe         1882 Talmage, Nebraska 1982                        Talmage                                   
Otoe         Arbor Lodge                                        Arbor Lodge, 2nd and Centennial Sts., Nebraska City  
Otoe         Nebraska City                                      2100 4th and Corso   
Otoe         Indian Treaty Monument                             U.S. 73/75, c. 3 miles west and north of courthouse corner in Nebraska  
Otoe         The First United Methodist Church of Nebraska City 1023 First Avenue, Nebraska City      
Otoe         Mayhew Cabin 1855                                  Nebr. 2, John Brown Park, Nebraska City   
Otoe         U.S. Air Force Atlas Missile Site                  225 N  56th RD, Nebraska City            
Otoe         Camp Creek Cemetery and Chapel                     Northeast corner County Rd P and County Rd 70, Nebraska City vicinity                                                  

Pawnee       Village of Steinauer                               3 miles east of Steinauer            
Pawnee       Pawnee City                                        Mini park, 7th and G Streets, Pawnee City   
Pawnee       Dubois Czech Hall                                  62568 706th Road, 1.5 mi N of Dubois on HWY 50, .75 W on 706th Road   

Perkins      Wild Horse Spring                                  Nebr. 61, 4.5 miles north of Grant 
Perkins      The Texas Trail                                    Nebr. 23, east edge of Madrid   

Phelps       Bertrand 1885-1985                                 City Park, Bertrand           
Phelps       Phelps County                                      County Courthouse, Holdrege   
Phelps       Funk, Nebraska                                     Harmony Park, Funk           
Phelps       Historic Platte Valley                             U.S. 183, 2 miles south of Platte River bridge   
Phelps       Site of Old Sacramento                             4 miles south and 4 miles east of Holdrege   
Phelps       Atlanta Prisoner-of-War Camp                       U.S. 6/34, 1 mile northeast of Atlanta      
Phelps       First Site of Bethel Lutheran Church and Cemetery  3 miles east of Holdrege on U.S. 6, 1/2 mile south  
Phelps       Holdrege Silt Loam - The Nebraska State Soil       2701 Burlington St, Nebraska Prairie Museum, Holdrege   

Pierce       Old Willow Creek Bridge                            City Park, Pierce            
Pierce       Gilman Park                                        City Park, Pierce            
Pierce       The Meridian Highway                               Highway 13 & 552 Avenue, 4 mi. Southeast of Pierce  

Platte       Agricultural Park                                  Agricultural Park,  10th Ave. and 15th St., Columbus   
Platte       The Villasur Expedition, 1720                      Pawnee Park, Columbus        
Platte       Duncan, 1871-1971                                  U.S. 30, Duncan              
Platte       West Hill Community                                West Hill Cemetery, 5.5 miles north and 6 miles west of Monroe   
Platte       The North Brothers                                 U.S. 81, adjacent to Chamber of Commerce, Columbus   
Platte       Andrew Jackson Higgins                             U.S. 81, West Pawnee Park, Columbus                  
Platte       Alfred Maximilian Gruenther: 1899-1983             City Auditorium, 315 4th Street, Platte Center       
Platte       The Lincoln Highway-Gardiner Station Section       .9 mile west of 340th Ave. on 115th St., west of Columbus   
Platte       Granville Cemetery                                 4 1/2 miles west and a mile south of Humphrey on 444th St.                                

Polk         Stromsburg - The Swede Capital of Nebraska         Buckley Park (camping area), on U.S. 81, south edge of Stromsburg  
Polk         Osceola and The Early Pioneers: 1867-1967          Nebr. 92, east edge of Osceola  
Polk         Village of Polk                                    City Park, Nebraska 66          

Red Willow   George William Norris, 1861-1944                   Norris Ave., city park, McCook  
Red Willow   Pawnee Woman's Grave                               City Park, Indianola            
Red Willow   McCook Army Air Base                               7 miles north of McCook          
Red Willow   Mallalieu University                               U.S. 6/34, Bartley               

Richardson   Missouri River                                     U.S. 159, east side of Rulo  
Richardson   First Oil Well                                     Nebr. 8, 3 miles west of Falls City   
Richardson   Humboldt Commercial Historic District              City Square Park, 4th and Central, Humboldt   
Richardson   Lewis and Clark Camp Site: July 13, 1804           U.S. 159, east side of Rulo           
Richardson   Point of Beginning, Public Land Surveys of the 
                   Sixth Principal Meridian                     Rulo-White Cloud Road at State Line   

Rock         Spring Valley Park                                 U.S. 20, Newport                      

Saline       Nebraska Chautauquas                               Tuxedo Park, Crete  
Saline       Sgt. Leodegar Schnyder                             Nebr. 74, northeast corner of Tobias   
Saline       Czech Capital                                      Jct. Nebr. 103/41, Wilber              
Saline       Swan City                                          Nebr. 103, 2 miles northwest of DeWitt   
Saline       PFC Charley Havlat                                 Saline County Museum, 1445 State Hwy 33, Dorchester   
Saline       Pleasant Hill                                      Pleasant Hill Cemetery, County Road (CR) HH, east of Dorchester   

Sarpy        Bellevue Log Cabin                                 19th and Hancock Sts., Bellevue         
Sarpy        First Presbyterian Church                          20th Ave. and Franklin, Bellevue        
Sarpy        Springfield Community Hall                         104 Main St., Springfield                
Sarpy        Gretna Fish Hatchery                               South of Gretna and the Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium, in Schramm State Recreation Area   
Sarpy        Bellevue Depot (removed in 1987)                   Haworth Park, Bellevue                
Sarpy        The Great Platte Valley                            I-80 rest area, westbound, Melia Hill  
Sarpy        Oto Mission                                        U.S. 78/75, south of Bellevue          
Sarpy        Bellevue                                           U.S. 73/75, south of Bellevue          
Sarpy        Fontenelle Bank - County Courthouse (replaced 51)  Nebr. 370, Main and Mission Sts., northwest corner Bellevue   
Sarpy        New Pennsylvania Cemetery                          1/2 mile north of Hwy 370 near 198th St., east of Gretna    
Sarpy        Original Union Pacific Main Line                   222 N Jefferson, Papillion (Sump Library)  
                   through Papillion

Saunders     The Yutan Oto Indian Village                       Nebr. 92, just south of Yutan          
Saunders     The Armour and Company Icehouse                    Memphis State Recreation Area, Memphis   
Saunders     Saunders County                                    County Courthouse, Wahoo                
Saunders     The Ox-Bow Trail                                   U.S. 6, Lincoln City Water Treatment Plant, Ashland   

Scotts Bluff Scottsbluff Army Airfield                          Scotts Bluff County Airport          
Scotts Bluff Map of Horse Creek Treaty Grounds                  U.S. 26, 3 miles southeast of Henry  
Scotts Bluff Fort Mitchell, 1864-1867                           U.S. 92, 4 miles northwest of Jct. with Nebr. 71, west of Scottsbluff   
Scotts Bluff The Great Smoke                                    U.S. 26, 3 miles southeast of Henry   
Scotts Bluff Rebecca Winters                                    U.S. 26, 2 miles east of Scottsbluff   
Scotts Bluff The Horse Creek Treaty                             U.S. 26, 3 miles southeast of Henry  

Seward       Seward, Nebraska's Fourth of July City             County Courthouse, Seward            
Seward       Tall Grass Prairie                                 I-80 rest area, westbound, Goehner  
Seward       Beaver Crossing, Nebraska                          City Park, Beaver Crossing          
Seward       The Beaver Crossing Mill                           City Park, Beaver Crossing        
Seward       The Big Blue River                                 I-80 rest area, eastbound, Milford   
Seward       Historic Milford                                   Downtown City Park, 600 block of 2nd. St., Milford   
Seward       Plum Creek Prairie                                 U.S. 34, east edge of Seward        

Sheridan     Camp Sheridan and Spotted Tail Agency              U.S. 20, Hay Springs               
Sheridan     Mari Sandoz, 1896-1966                             Nebr. 27, 30 miles south of Gordon   
Sheridan     Rushville                                          Main Street Park, Rushville       
Sheridan     Spade Ranch                                        Nebr. 27, Ellsworth 
Sheridan     Japanese Balloon Bombs                             Approximately 15 miles north of Ellsworth on Highway 27               
Sheridan     Antioch: Potash Boom-Town                          Nebr. 2, west of Antioch         

Sherman      Dead Horse Creek                                   Nebr. 92, southwest of Loup City   
Sherman      Loup City Riot, 1934                               County Courthouse, Loup City      
Sherman      Austin                                             Nebr. 58, mile 38.4, between Loup City and Rockville  

Sioux        Fort Laramie-Fort Robinson Trail                   Nebr. 29, 11 miles south of Harrison   
Sioux        Village of Harrison                                U.S. 20 and Kate St., Harrison         
Sioux        Coffee Siding                                      U.S. 20, 1 mile east of Wyoming line  
Sioux        The Cheyenne Outbreak                              U.S. 20, 1 mile southwest of Fort Robinson  

Stanton      Stanton County                                     U.S. 275, 3 miles west of Pilger

Thayer       Friedensau                                         U.S. 136, 2 miles east of Jct. Nebr. 5, near Deshler  
Thayer       The Forty-Niner Trail                              Thayer County Museum, Belvidere          
Thayer       Bruning Army Air Field                             Nebr. 4, mile 118.5, southeast of Bruning  
Thayer       The Hebron CCC and POW Camps                       Riverside Park, Hebron                     
Thayer       Thayer County                                      Thayer County Courthouse, Hebron          

Thomas       The Sandhills                                      Jct. U.S. 83/Nebr. 2, east of Thedford
Thomas       Village of Halsey                                  Village park, southeast corner of HWY 2/Jewett Ave & Pearl St, Halsey

Thurston     Winnebago Scouts                                   Bison Turnout, 1/2 mile north of Winnebago on Hwy. 77  
Thurston     Omhaha Tribe                                       Near Community Building, Macy            
Thurston     Susan LaFlesche Picotte Memorial Hospital          U.S. 77, Walthill          #385
Thurston     Susan LaFlesche Picotte Memorial Hospital          Northwest edge of Walthill, at the site  

Valley       Calamus Townsite                                   2.5 miles north of Elyria      
Valley       Arcadia Centennial, 1885-1985                      Nebr. 70, west edge of Arcadia   
Valley       Arcadia Congregational Church                      Hill and Bridge Streets, Arcadia 
Valley       Evelyn Sharp                                       Ord Airport, Ord                 
Valley       St. Mary's Catholic Church                         Nebr. 11, east edge of Elyria,   
Valley       Fort Hartsuff State Historical Park                Nebr. 11, 8 miles north of Ord   
Valley       Fort Hartsuff, 1874-1881                           Nebr. 11, southeast of Elyria    
Valley       The Blizzard of 1888                               Nebr. 70, 9 miles south of Ord   

Washington   Congregational Church of Blair                     In Blair      
Washington   Fort Atkinson                                      U.S. 73 in Fort Calhoun                        
Washington   Steamboat Bertrand                                 Iowa U.S. 30, DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge   
Washington   DeSoto Townsite                                    U.S. 73, OPPD plant north of Fort Calhoun       
Washington   Fort Atkinson (replaced 67)                        Fort Atkinson State Historical Park near Fort Calhoun   
Washington   Lewis and Clark Camp Site: July 30 - Aug 2, 1804   Fort Atkinson State Historical Park         
Washington   Lewis and Clark Camp Site: Aug 3 - 4, 1804         YMCA, 1278 Wilbur St., Blair                 
Washington   Brewster Cemetery                                  2.5 miles west of U.S. 30 on County Road 26  
Washington   Cuming City Cemetery and Nature Preserve           .5 mile west of U.S. 75 on County Road P14   
Washington   The Death of Marshal Suverkrubbe                   Hwy 75 and Washington Street, Fort Calhoun   
Washington   Fort Calhoun Schools at Washington Square          11th and Monroe Street, Fort Calhoun        

Wayne        Wayne                                              Nebr. 35, at airport east of Wayne     
Wayne        Wayne State College                                Benthack Hall, Wayne State College, Wayne  

Webster      Benjamin Wagoner Memorial Cemetery                 4 miles south on U.S. 281, then 3.75 miles east from Red Cloud   
Webster      Republican Pawnee Village                          Nebr. 78, Guide Rock      
Webster      Grace Episcopal Church                             Willa Cather Historical Center, Red Cloud  
Webster      Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 1904-1952                8 miles north, 2 miles west, Jct. U.S. 136/Nebr. 78  
Webster      Willa Cather Memorial Prairie                      U.S. 281, 6 miles south of Red Cloud     
Webster      Catherland (replaced 40)                           Jct. U.S. 281/Nebr. 4, 14 miles north of Red Cloud  
Webster      Red Cloud, 1871-1971                               U.S. 281, Red Cloud                        
Webster      School District 35, "The Killough School"          7 miles north Guide Rock on Nebr. 78, 2 miles east, 1.5 miles north  
Webster      Cather Childhood Home                              Willa Cather Historical Center, Red Cloud   
Webster      Webster County, 1871-1971                          U.S. 281,                       Red Cloud  
Webster      Burlington Depot                                   Willa Cather Historical Center, Red Cloud   
Webster      St. Juliana Falconieri Catholic Church             Willa Cather Historical Center, Red Cloud  
Webster      Cowles Consolidated School                         Fourth and Adams Sts., Cowles              

York         Nebraska 4-H Clubs Began in York County            York County Fairgrounds on lawn of 4-H Building, York   
York         Henderson, Nebraska 1887-1987                      City Park, 14th and Cedar Sts., Henderson  
York         Nebraska City - Fort Kearny Cut-Off                I-80 rest area, westbound, York        
York         Henderson Mennonite Centennial 1874-1974           Henderson                             
York         Porcupine Ranch                                    1.5 miles north of I-80, exit 342     
York         Nebraska City - Fort Kearny Cut-Off                I-80 rest area, eastbound, York        
York         Bradshaw                                           Village park, 400 Lincoln Ave., Bradshaw  


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