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Table Creek Treaty with Pawnee Indians, September 24, 1857

Erected 1933 to commemorate the treaty made with the Pawnee Tribe at Rocky Ford on North Table Creek, 1000 feet east of this site, establishing permanent friendly relations with the Pawnee Indians and insuring safety, prosperity and happiness to the pioneer white settlers. Assembled under the Treaty tree and participating in the treaty were the following named white men, and the Indian chiefs whose names are on the foundation stones.
James W. Denver, United States Commissioner; N. W. Tucker; Wm. W. Dennison, United States Indian Agent; Will E. Harvey; A. S. H. White, Secretary to Commissioner; O. H. Irish; Samuel Allis, Interpreter; J. Sterling Morton.

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On U.S. 73-75, about three miles west & north of courthouse corner in Nebraska City
Otoe County
Marker 258


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