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District 35 provided education through the eighth grade from 1879 until 1958. The schoolhouse
sat upon Felix Alexander Killough's homestead, filed January 2, 1879, which adjoined the
homestead of his father, Thomas Donley Killough, filed June 9, 1875, in this same section.

The pupils were mostly Killoughs, especially in the later years. In 1928 the teacher was Loretta
Britten and the pupils were Corrine, Donald, Esther, Fern, Pauline, and Thelma Killough. The
school board was Samuel Killough, Thomas Donley Killough II, and Fred Schroeder.

Descendents of Thomas Donley Killough and Felix Alexander Killough
Nebraska State Historical Society
7 miles north of Guide Rock on Nebr. 78, 2 miles east, 1.5 miles north
Webster County
Marker 405


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