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On this day the Lewis and Clark Expedition to the Pacific Ocean camped on the bank of the Missouri River at the base of a river landmark near here, now called The Tower. Clark wrote, "Capt Lewis & my Self walked up to the top which forms a Cone and is about 70 feet higher than the high lands around it." Nearby they "discovered a Village of an annamale the french Call the Prarie Dog...the Village of those animals Covs. about 4 acrs of Ground on a Gradual decent of a hill and Contains great numbers of holes on the top of which those little animals Sit erect make a Whistleing noise and whin allarmed Slip into their hole." They "attempted to dig to the beds of one of thos animals, after diging 6 feet, found by running a pole down that we were not half way to his Lodges." They finally "Cought one a live by poreing a great quantity of water in his hole."

Nebraska State Historical Society
National Park Service
US 281, approximately 4.6 miles north of
Spencer at milepost 219.20. This is 400
feet south of county road to Gross
Boyd County
Marker 346


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