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 B-17G "Flying Fortress" and P-47D "Thunderbolt" Crash, 1944

         On September 8, 1944, P-47 "Thunderbolt" fighters from the Bruning Army Air Field conducted training attack maneuvers with two formations of B-17 "Flying Fortress" bombers from the Sioux City Army Air Field. When one P-47 attempted to terminate its mock attack, it collided with the left wing of a B-17, rupturing the bomber's fuel tank. Both planes exploded.

        Most of the B-17 wreckage landed on the Milo Buzek, Dea Baldwin, and Henry Nezda farms, 9 miles south and 1/2 mile east of Milligan. The tail section fell on the Lester Krupicka farm. Military officials conducted an extensive search to recover the B-17's top secret Norden bombsight. The P-47 crashed on the Reinhart Schielke farm, 9 miles south and 1 mile west of Milligan, and its pilot, 2nd Lt. John T. McCarthy, was killed. Of the B-17 crewmen, Cpl. LeNoir A. Greer, Cpl. Walter A. Divan, Pfc.. Reuben L. Larson, and Pvt. Albert L. Mikels survived, while 2nd Lt. William F. Washburn, 2nd Lt. Bernard I. Hall, 2nd Lt. Lyle C. Baxmann, F/O George A. Budovsky, Cpl. John E. Tuchols, and Pvt. Henry C. Sedberry lost their lives.

Milligan Memorial Committee/Milligan Public Library
Families of the Crewmen and Friends of the Community
Nebraska State Historical Society, 2010
Nebr. Highway 41, north of Milligan
Fillmore County
Marker 474


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