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This park developed on ground once known as the "clay pit." John F. Flynn came to Norfolk in April 1880 to start a brick factory at this site. Flynn, Dr. Ferdinand Verges, August Pilger, and Herman Gerecke formed the Norfolk Brick and Tile Company, which operated from 1888 until 1907.

Dr. Verges came to Norfolk in 1880. For three generations the family practiced medicine in the community. Dr. Carl J. Verges, son of Ferdinand, bought the 4 1/2 acres in 1907 after the clay's quality declined. He tore down the buildings and in 1916 converted the clay pit into a private park. Landscaping included a lagoon, a foot bridge, and a gazebo.

In 1933 a cave lined with concrete and decorated with comic strip figures was dug into the 90-foot west bank. It was used for meetings and parties. In 1959 Dr. and Mrs. C.J. Verges deeded the park to the city, which gave it to the Elkhorn Valley Historical Society in 1986.

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Verges Park (Norfolk Brick and Tile Company)
Verges Park (Tax Lot 10), Norfolk
Madison County
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