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Occasionally the Nebraska State Historical Society publishes special thematic issues of its journal. Members receive Nebraska History quarterly as part of their membership. Theme issues may be acquired by noting the title, year, and price, then following the instructions on the order form. Out-of-print issues are available for viewing in the Society's library as well as at many libraries around the state, or via interlibrary loan through your local public library.

The Place of Time The Place of Time
1999,  NOW $1.00

Does time pass, or does it take place? This question seems to capture two quite different, yet common, ways of characterizing time. In the first sense, we see time as a passing--"out there, somewhere"--that we have somehow managed to capture with clocks and calendars. In the latter, time is envisioned as an emplacement in the world. As time is a special province of history, the guest editor posed the question, "is there a place for time?," to a varied group of writers to elicit their thoughts on this enigma. Their responses are diverse enough, and they raise some provocative issues.

Nebraska map Where is Nebraska?
1999,  NOW $1.00

This issue provides a forum for a discussion of regionalism, specifically, "Where is Nebraska?" in a regional sense. Dr. Kent Blaser's essay, which leads off the issue, inspired the editors to solicit responses to the same question from a group of historians, geographers, writers, and film-makers. Some respondents are Nebraska natives or lifelong residents; others were transplanted here; still others call Kansas or Wyoming home. The results of this exercise, along with Dr. Blaser's concluding remarks, appear in this special theme issue of Nebraska History quarterly. Contents

Army costumeThe Frontier Army Soldier
1997,  SOLD OUT!

This issue includes four articles first presented as papers at the 1997 Fort Robinson History Conference, whose theme was "The Everyday Life of the Frontier Army Soldier." A review of Buffalo Soldier Medal of Honor recipients who served at Fort Robinson is followed by a look at the roles played by frontier army officers' wives. Articles on desertion and on firearms accidents address two problems that plagued the army throughout the nineteenth century. A final article, not given as a conference paper, presents the rigors of an 1876 Indian campaign as seen through the eyes of an officer and an enlisted man. Contents

William Jennings BryanWilliam Jennings Bryan and His America
1996,  NOW $1.00

Double issue of Nebraska History providing an anthology of articles exploring this famous Nebraskan's life and politics, with an introduction by Robert W. Cherny. Article topics include the 1896 Democratic Convention, the 1908 presidential campaign, campaign strategies of 1896, and Bryan as secretary of state. Contents

SAC WindowThe Atomic Age
1996,  $1.00

The articles address themes important in post-World War II Nebraska. Included is a retrospective look at the 1950s, and an essay identifying trends in Nebraska history from 1940 to 1960. Technology in the Atomic Age and its implications for Nebraskans are topics of an article on the coming of television to the Nebraska Panhandle, and an interview with a Nebraska Civil Defense worker who witnessed a Nevada atomic test. Racism is explored in an essay about a Winnebago Indian soldier killed in Korea, who was denied burial in an "all-white" cemetery. Contents

MontageVictory 95!
1995,  NOW $1.00

Fiftieth anniversary of World War II issue of Nebraska History tells the stories of various Nebraskans involved in the war: nurses, one of the Doolittle Raiders, workers at the Hastings Naval Ammunition Depot, a war correspondent for the Omaha World-Herald, and a heroic army officer from West Point, Nebraska. Contents

Lakota WomenLakota Sioux History
1994,  Sold Out!

Six articles address topics involving the history and ethnology of the Lakota Sioux from 1655 to 1890. A major Lakota Sioux population study is supplemented by shorter articles providing new documentation on the life of Crazy Horse and on unusual items of material culture related to the Oglala leader. Medals of Honor awarded to soldiers at Wounded Knee in 1890 and the trade in Wounded Knee battlefield relics are the subjects of two additional essays. Contents

Fossils and ArtifactsThe Cellars of Time: Paleontology and Archeology in Nebraska
1994,  Sold Out!

Special joint issue of Nebraska History and NebraskaLand magazines surveying the depth and breadth of time in Nebraska as revealed by the paleonotological and archeological records. Many illustrations are in full color. Contents

Czech cover imageThe Czech-American Experience
1993,  Sold Out!

Special double number of Nebraska History issued to accompany the Nebraska State Historical Society exhibit, "The Heart of Two Continents: Czechs and Nebraska." With contributions from around the globe, the issue presents a broad overview of the Czech experience in Nebraska, the United States, and the Old Country. The profusely illustrated volume includes many from the exhibit, with a number in full color. Contents

thumbnail image of cover What Did You Do in the War?
1991,  out of print.

Special issue of Nebraska History, based on over one hundred oral interviews. The issue reviews the wartime experiences of Nebraskans on the home front and the battlefront during World War II. Includes an inventory of World War II research collections at the Society. Contents

Historic Places: The National Register for Nebraska Historic Places: The National Register for Nebraska
1989,   NOW $1.00

Special joint issue of Nebraska History and NebraskaLand magazines presenting an illustrated inventory of the buildings and sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places in Nebraska through 1988. The volume is organized by county, and includes color photographs of many properties.

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