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The Nebraska Indian Wars Reader, 1865-1877


"Forgotten Pageant: The Indian Wars in Western Nebraska" by James T. King

Part 1. Seizing Control of the Platte and Republican Rivers

"The Post of North Platte Station, 1867-1878" by Thomas R. Buecker

"The Republican River Expedition, June-July, 1869" by James T. King

Part 2. Pawnee Triumph, Pawnee Tragedy

"The North Brothers and the Pawnee Scouts" by Donald F. Danker

"The Battle of Massacre Canyon" by Paul D. Riley

Part 3. Red Cloud Agency in the Spotlight

"Red Cloud and the U.S. Flag" by Charles W. Allen

"The War Club of Sitting Bull the Oglala" by Harry H. Anderson

Part 4. Sioux War Saga

"Campaigning with the Fifth U.S. Cavalry: Private James B. Frew's Diary and Letters from the Great Sioux War of 1876" edited by Paul L. Hedren

"The Surround of Red Cloud and Red Leaf: Interview of William Garnett" edited by Eli S. Ricker

"War or Peace: The Anxious Wait for Crazy Horse" by Oliver Knight

"Oglala Sources on the Life of Crazy Horse: Interviews Given to Eleanor H. Hinman" edited by Paul D. Riley


"The Pageant Revisited: Indian Wars Medals of Honor in Nebraska, 1865-1879" by James E. Potter

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