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A Good Walk Around the Boundary

photo of Custer's Crow scouts
Custer's Crow scouts reunited at the Little Bighorn battlefield in Montana for this photograph (Nebraska State Historical Society RG3808.ph)

In 1994 the Midwest Archeological Center and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln conducted a metal-detecting inventory on private and Crow Tribal property on lands adjacent to Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. The investigation yielded numerous battle-related artifacts. The artifacts and associated analytical work help clarify the northern boundary of the battle as well as the battle-related events near Deep Coulee, Medicine Tail Coulee, and Weir Point. Of significant import, the work on the northern boundary of the park shows that Lieutenant Colonel Custer's movements were checked by Indian warriors well before he reached the Little Bighorn River. The firearms artifacts demonstrate that the warriors, using army carbines and revolvers captured from Lieutenant Calhoun's command, halted Custer's northern and westerly movements toward the river and forced his command back to Last Stand Hill.

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