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Perkey's Nebraska Place Names

The assembling of information for Perkey's Nebraska Place Names has taken almost two decades. Library and archival sources at the Nebraska State Historical Society, which has worked since its founding to preserve the heritage of the people of Nebraska, have been used extensively by the author. He has also checked Post Office records for obscure place names long since disappeared from maps.

In 1977-78 Mr. Perkey's list ran serially in Nebraska History magazine under the title "Perkey's Names of Nebraska Locations." Readers were asked to comment on the publication. Many constructive suggestions were received, and the author was able to add pertinent facts to his lists not used in recent compilations.

We believe that Perkey's Nebraska Place Names is the most thorough work done to date in this field, based upon present research. Perhaps others will find elements that will add to future publications.

Marvin F. Kivett
Nebraska State Historical Society

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