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Group 22 August 2012 final civil liberties articles & 2006 gaps


Richard D Rowen, ed., "The Second Nebraska's Campaign Against the Sioux," Nebraska History 44 (1963): 3-53

Donald F Danker, ed., "The Wounded Knee Interviews of Eli S Ricker," Nebraska History 62 (1981): 151-243

L Robert Puschendorf, "Petroleum, Politics, and Prices: Omaha's Gas War of 1924," Nebraska History 87 (2006): 54-81

L Robert Puschendorf, "Standard Oil's 'Bungalow' Filling Stations," Nebraska History 87 (2006): 82-85

John Carter, "Postscript: Gasohol-The First Time Around," Nebraska History 87 (2006): 96

Donald Cunningham, "Postscript: The Ghost in the Camera," Nebraska History 87 (2006):140

John Carter, "Postscript: Nebraska Corn Helps Win the War," Nebraska History 87 (2006): 192

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