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Football at the University of Nebraska, 1895

University of Nebraska football practice for the 1895 season got a late start, according to The University Monitor, a weekly student newspaper. The Monitor reported on October 1:

"Work in football does not seem to progress very rapidly. The first practice was on last Tuesday and there were hardly enough out to get warm. Just two or three of the old standbys. Since then a few more have appeared, but not nearly so many as there should be. Taking into account the lateness of the season we will have the hardest kind of work to get in shape. . . . With the opening next week the manager claims that he will have a dozen new men on the field who are good finds.

"The opening game is Saturday, October 5th. The team goes to Hastings to play a practice game with the Y.M.C.A. team of that city. It will not be such an easy game as some of the boys may imagine, for Hastings has a number of old college men who take great interest in the game. The team has been at work for three weeks. Following that comes an excellent schedule of games for which the manager has spent much time in arranging. Following is the schedule:

"U. of N. vs. Hastings Y.M.C.A. at Hastings on October 5th. U. of N. vs. Omaha University Club, at Omaha, October 11th. This game will be played by electric light, and will be a novelty for the people of Omaha. It is expected to be a good drawing card.

"U. of N. vs. Sioux City Athletic Club, at Sioux City October 12th. U. of N. vs. Salt Lake City, at Salt Lake City on October 15th. U. of N. vs. Butte, at Butte on October 17th. U. of N. vs. Denver Athletic Club, at Denver on October 19th. U. of N. vs. Omaha University Club at Omaha on October 26th.

"U. of N. vs. University of Missouri, at Omaha, November 2d. U. of N. vs. Kansas University, at Lincoln, November 16th. U. of N. vs. Doane, at Crete on November 9th. This game is not yet arranged.

"U. of N. vs. Iowa College, at Grinnell, November 22d. U. of N. vs. Des Moines Athletic Club, at Des Moines, November 23d.

"U. of N. vs. University of Iowa, at Omaha on Thanksgiving."


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