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Rain in Nebraska!

SHOWERS." In the hopes that history may repeat itself, here's more of the drought-breaking news
story from the Nebraska State Journal, June, 1906:

"Rain fell in many localities in Nebraska yesterday afternoon and last night. Reports received
indicated that rain fell as far west as Oxford, as far north as Norfolk and Sioux City, and all over that
portion of the state south and east of the places named. This section of the state was in great need
of rain.

"Heavy winds were reported from some localities in the central part of the state. It was said a wind
of great velocity struck Sargent during the afternoon."

"The people of Lincoln could not suppress shouts of joy when the first shower began falling. The
people enjoyed looking at the big drops splash in the running waters on the streets and wondered
what the farmers were saying and thinking.

"It was considered a most auspicious opening of the growing season for corn, a saving of the wheat
crop, and a good thing for oats. The corn was not greatly in need of rain but the indications for a
long drouth had been so numerous that farmers had almost become reconciled to a dry season. After
the rain they changed their minds. The renewed confidence in Nebraska weather caused by the rain
was considered worth as much as the rain itself."

Turn-of-the-century weather reporting was hardly the accurate, hundredths-of-an-inch accounting
take for granted today. "The Western Union Telegraph Company reported rainfall as follows:
Aurora, good rain; Bradshaw, good rain; Clay Center, hard rain; Beatrice, one inch or more;
Hastings, good rain, Norfolk, good rain; Superior, hard rain," the Journal reported.

Other wire stories were equally encouraging, if not exact. "Wayne, Neb.--A fine and much needed
rain fell here this evening and is still falling tonight. It will be of untold value to the hay and small
grain crops, which had begun to suffer from the extremely dry weather. It will also save the potato



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