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Thanksgiving in Lincoln, 1907

"One of the quietest Thanksgiving days observed in many years was passed in Lincoln yesterday," said the Nebraska State Journal of November 29, 1907. "With no football game to furnish excitement people for the most part spent the day at home or going about the city. Thanksgiving dinners were enjoyed without the usual hustling to get through in time for the football game.

"During the afternoon many people could be seen in the business section of the city, although most of the business houses were closed during the latter half of the day and many of them were closed all day. The weather was ideal, a cool wind, tempered to an average of 43 degrees by the sun shining from an almost cloudless sky for a great part of the day, made outdoor riding and sightseeing a pleasure.

"In many of the churches services appropriate to the season were held. Homecomings, family reunions and neighborhood parties were features of the social life of the city. Theater parties attracted some, automobiling, street car excursions, driving, and other means of enjoying the bracing atmosphere in the open called many from their homes after the Thanksgiving feast had been given attention . . . .

"Prisoners at the city jail were not forgotten when the good things were dished out to all, thankful and pessimistic alike. They had chicken-lots of it, as one prisoner said-two kinds of pie, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, good coffee and bread. . . . At the county jail Sheriff Ress gave the prisoners a banquet omitting but one thing from the ordinary menu-cigars. Turkey, cranberry sauce, mince pie, and cake had places on the bills of fare. Mash[ed] potatoes and gravy were added to make the bill more complete.

"Thanksgiving day was observed in the usual manner at the insane hospital. A big dinner was served and all seemed to enjoy the feast. The wards were beautifully decorated with chrysanthemums and carnations. The menu: Roast Chicken with dressing, Cranberry sauce, bread, gravy, potatoes, boiled onions, celery, mince pie, coffee. Wards of the state at the penitentiary were given the usual Thanksgiving menu and holiday rules were observed."

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