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Sites and Structures maintained by the Nebraska State Historical Society

The Nebraska State Historical Society maintains several sites and structures within the boundaries of Fort Robinson State Park. These include:

museum front museum back
The 1905 post headquarters building houses the Fort Robinson Museum.

museum exhibits
The Fort Robinson History Center has exhibits detailing the long history of this outpost on the plains.

adobe officers' quarters
1887 adobe officers' quarters, where period settings depict life on officers' row.

These historic garages were constructed behind the 1887 adobe officers' quarters in 1936.

blacksmith shop
The 1906 blacksmith shop houses exhibits depicting a working blacksmith shop.

blacksmith exhibit
Piles of horseshoes lie on a forge in the 1906 blacksmith shop.

harness shop
Built in 1904 as a blacksmith shop, this building became a harness repair shop in 1943. Inside, exhibits show a working harness shop.

wheelwright shop
The wheelwright shop was built in 1900. For a number of years wagon wheels were repaired here; later it was used as a carpenter shop. The shop was restored to its original function by the Nebraska State Historical Society.

veterinary hospital
The veterinary hospital was constructed in 1909. It was restored by the Nebraska State Historical Society in the early 1970s and interprets a WWII veterinary hospital.

veterinary hospital annex
The veterinary hospital annex was built in 1941 to provide twenty additional convalescent stalls for the veterinary hospital.

The Nebraska State Historical Society reconstructed the original post guardhouse in 1967, scene of the killing of Crazy Horse.

Crazy Horse marker
Just outside the guardhouse is a stone marker commemorating the site where Crazy Horse was killed.

adjutant's office
After Crazy Horse was stabbed he was taken to the post adjutant's office where he died. The Nebraska State Historical Society reconstructed the original post adjutant's office in 1969.

Cheyenne Outbreak Barracks
On the night of January 9, 1879, imprisoned Northern Cheyennes broke out of this barracks.
The Nebraska State Historical Society reconstructed the original barracks in 2003.

quartermaster shop
The original quartermaster shop was constructed in 1906 and an addition was built in 1930. Today this building serves as a carpenter shop for the Nebraska State Historical Society.

The granary building was constructed in 1895 and the granary annex was built in 1941. These buildings are currently storage facilities for the Nebraska State Historical Society.

Red Cloud Agency marker
This historical marker is located at the site of the Red Cloud Agency, active from 1873 to 1877. Footprints of agency buildings are marked at the site.
Red Cloud Agency marker text

 post cemetery marker
This historical marker is found in the Fort Robinson Cemetery. Soldiers, wives, children, relatives, and civilian employees were buried in the post cemetery from 1875 to 1945.
Fort Robinson Cemetery marker text

 K-9 training area marker
This historical marker notes the area where the K-9 Corps was housed and trained.
K-9 Corps marker text

K-9 Corps sign
Sign marking the K-9 Corps area.

POW marker
This historical marker is on the boundary of the camp where German prisoners of war were held during WWII.
German P.O.W. Camp marker text

POW camp landscape
A few concrete buildings remain within the boundaries of the Prisoner of War Camp. Foundations of other buildings are marked throughout the camp area.

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