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Addison E. Sheldon
Addison E. Sheldon became superintendent of the Society in 1917. A man with tremendous energy and vision, he guided the Society until his death in 1943. Here Sheldon (standing at right) supervises Society workers in the capitol.

state capitol
In 1933-34 the Society museum and offices moved into the new state capitol building.

State Fair
To reach out to the public, the Society prepared exhibits for the State Fair, as shown here in 1927.

Nebraska HistoryNebraska History
In 1918 Sheldon initiated publication of Nebraska History and Record of Pioneer Days, which continues today as the Society's quarterly, Nebraska History.

Railroad car museum
Sheldon believed in taking Nebraska history to the people. This Historical Society museum car toured the state in 1928 through the cooperation of the Burlington Railroad, and attracted more than 180,000 visitors.

Before he died in November 1943, Addison E. Sheldon saw the dream of a new Historical Society building come a step closer to reality when Governor Dwight Griswold used this pen to sign LB425 in 1943. The bill earmarked excess revenue from a state school levy for a Historical Society building fund.

Asa T. Hill
After 1900 the Society became a leader in Great Plains archeology under the direction of archeologists E. E. Blackman and Asa T. Hill, who is shown here in camp.

Hill used this camera to document archeological sites.
Museum #1727-26:

Thousands of artifacts, such as pottery from prehistoric Indian village sites, were added to Society collections.

J. Sterling Morton
Although the legislature in 1905 made the Society responsible for the state's archives, few government records were acquired because there was no place to store them. The Society did collect important manuscripts and photographs, including the papers of Arbor Day founder J. Sterling Morton, and the sod house photographs of Solomon D. Butcher.

Solomon D. Butcher
Solomon D. Butcher cataloging his negatives in the Society library, February 1913.


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