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Experience Nebraska's past in this hands-on exhibit for people of all ages!


Native American Tipi!

Experience daily activities in the Native American Tipi. Pound corn, try on moccasins and hide clothing, figure out the best way to pack the travois.


Pack Your Wagon!

Pack the 1/4th scale prairie schooner and learn about decisions overland trail emigrants made as they packed for their journey west.


Build a Town!

Decide what buildings and businesses you need and where they should be located for your community to prosper .

Vacation Time!

Steer a reproduction 1920s automobile as you and your family set out to tour Nebraska. But no motels or fast food here! Instead, you'll need to pitch camp by making a tent out of your car and preparing dinner under the stars!

People of all ages are invited to investigate Nebraska's past.

Enjoy a puzzle

Spend an afternoon with friends


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