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Lincoln: A Kid's Eye View

Find out what Brownell Elementary fifth graders discovered about Lincoln in the exhibit Lincoln: A Kid's Eye View at the Nebraska History Museum. Brownell Elementary fifth graders visited five of Lincoln's community centers and heard stories from people who immigrated to Lincoln from other countries or grew up as minorities in Lincoln. To share their new vision of their city, the students created Lincoln: A Kid's Eye View.

image of children building exhibit
The first component of the exhibit was a kiosk and interactive computer featuring student artwork, poetry, models, interviews, a creative story, photographs, reflections, and objects.

image of children's personal exhibits
The second component gave visitors a chance to learn more about the forty-eight curators of Lincoln: A Kid's Eye View. The students chose personal objects to exhibit and wrote stories about themselves, their objects, and their heritages.

Lincoln: A Kid's Eye View ended August 31, 2000.

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