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Nebraska's long agricultural tradition has produced many new ideas and inventions designed to improve efficiency and production on the farm.


Fence Stretcher

Fence Stretcher, Whitesel Mfg., Omaha

test equipment
This instrument was used to test cattle and swine for the disease Brucellosis. It was designed by Dr. Ivan C. Hember and Dr. William Farrall and manufactured by Farrall Instruments of Grand Island, a designer and manufacturer of medical, agricultural, and photographic equipment.

Kees Manufacturing Company was founded in 1874 in Beatrice. F. D. Kees started as a gunsmith and later operated a hardware store. In 1892 he began manufacturing corn husking hooks, roller and ice skates, lawn tools, and trellises.

hay sweepgrader photo, Motor Grader C. F. Betcke started the Brown Truck Company in Ralston in 1917, which later became Duplex Manufacturing Company. It manufactured and patented agricultural and road grading equipment before dissolving in 1960.

Harpham Brothers saddle and harness
Begun as a retail store and harness shop in 1884, Harpham Brothers operated a successful manufacturing and wholesaling leather business in Lincoln until about 1950. In addition to harness and saddles, Harpham Brothers also produced brief cases, golf bags, and men's belts.

irrigation siphon tube
Milo V. German invented the siphon-gravity tube used for crop irrigation. Born in the Cozad area in 1904, German first used boiler flue pipe for his siphons. In 1942 he began producing siphons made of plastic and by 1945 German incorporated Nebraska Plastics in Cozad, which produced siphons and other irrigation products used by farmers around the world.

seed dealers feed and seed
In the first half of the twentieth century Nebraska had numerous feed and seed dealers.


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