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Cars, bikes, trains, and even planes have been made in Nebraska.

Cushman scooter Cushman plant, #8524 Everett Cushman and his cousin, Clinton Cushman, began experimenting with the construction of farm machinery around 1901 in Lincoln. Initially, they built two-cycle farm engines and boat engines. The first Cushman motor scooter was manufactured in 1936. By 1950 Cushman had manufactured more than 200,000 "engines on wheels" as the scooters were known. Today the company is owned by Textron Turf Care and Specialty Products of Racine, Wisconsin. After more than 100 years in Lincoln the plant will be closing in 2003.

Patriot Truck #8529#8528brochures

Patriot truck inventor A. G. Hebb founded the Nebraska Aircraft Corporation in 1919 to refurbish surplus military aircraft for civilian use. In 1922 the firm reorganized as the Lincoln Aircraft Company and operated a factory and flying school. Reincorporated in 1927 as the Lincoln-Page Aircraft Corporation, the company turned to building new aircraft, introducing several successful models. In 1931 Lincoln-Page merged with the American Eagle Company to form American Eagle-Lincoln and the Lincoln location was closed when production was shifted to Kansas City.


Johnny Moore designed and built the first Arrow aircraft in a Lincoln barn in 1924. Mark W. Woods, and his son Pace, purchased Arrow Aircraft Corporation in 1926, and moved production to their Patriot Motors factory in Havelock. In late 1929 the stock market crash brought production to a virtual halt. Unable to get re-financing, the company ceased production in 1938. An Arrow airplane from the collections of the Nebraska State Historical Society hangs at the Lincoln Municipal Airport.

body and chassis #18630
The Angus Automobile Company enjoyed a successful, if brief, production run as one of the earliest Nebraska automobile manufacturers. Under the direction of designer and factory manager Charles M. Fuller, the factory in Angus produced about six hundred Fuller cars between 1907 and 1909. Disagreement with stockholders over a buy-out offer in 1908 prompted Fuller to sever all relations with the company and close the plant.


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