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 Saving Memories

"When This You See, Remember Me"

To remember and to be remembered are nearly universal human desires. But the ways people use to document their pasts and send messages to the future vary widely. From tribal stories depicted on buffalo hide to Facebook pages flashed on computer screens, Nebraskans have created many memorable mementos. Saving Memories: Scrapbooks, Photo Albums, Home Movies, and Ledger Drawings offers a glimpse at Nebraskans' commemorative efforts.

The exhibit at the Nebraska History Museum of features a hide painting and Native American ledger book drawings, autograph and photo albums, diaries, quilts, home movies, and scrapbooks, all created by Nebraskans to document their lives and times.

J. Sterling Morton's 1874 diary makes noteof the first official "Arbor Day, an invention of mine, now become a public holiday, destined to become a blessing to posterity as well as to ourselves." Willa Cather's childhood scrapbook, "made by little Willie/ When he was rather young & silley (sic)" bears a strong resemblance to the compilation she would later describe in her novel My Antonia. And the scrapbook by Nan Aspinwall, exotic dancer, sharpshooter, and vaudeville performer who once rode on horseback from San Francisco to New York and back to win a bet from Buffalo Bill, extends to six volumes. Signature and friendship quilts, photograph albums and home movies and more commemorate milestones in the lives of more average Nebraskans.

Saving Memories will be on exhibit through September of 2009. Special family workshops will be offered beginning November 23 and continuing bi-monthly through summer 2009 .

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