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The Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition Centennial

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On June 1, 1998, the Nebraska State Historical Society marked the centennial of Omaha's Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition with a new exhibit in the headquarters building rotunda, 1500 R Street, Lincoln, Nebraska. Souvenirs, photographs, and printed materials recalled the "world's fair" that attracted some 2.5 million visitors between June 1 and October 31, 1898.

Highlights of the exposition included displays or buildings from thirty-one states and several foreign countries, along with a "congress" of American Indians from thirty-five tribes. President William McKinley visited the exposition on October 15. The exposition's monumental and elaborate buildings were constructed of wood, plaster, and horsehair, and were razed soon after the exposition closed. The Society's exhibit includes fragments of some of the architectural details, and numerous photographs show the "White City" in all of its glory.

The Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition exhibit was on view through May 31, 1999.

(NSHS Museum Collections 7956-873)

The Grand Court

Frank A. Rinehart photo of the exposition's Grand Court. A well known Omaha photographer, Rinehart was appointed offical photographer for the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition. Many of his photographs are included in the Historical Society's exhibit.
(NSHS Collection)

Souvenir ticket from the exposition
(NSHS Museum Collections 7999-34-A)




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