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Circles in Corn Leave Farmers Forlorn

Crop circles, flattened, geometric patterns in fields of standing grain, have appeared in Nebraska. One theory is that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) created the circles, while others contend they are nothing more than elaborate hoaxes. Because both UFOs and crop circles have been sighted in Nebraska, could there be a connection?

"Crop circle investigator: It's not ET's cousin,"
Source: Lincoln Journal Star, 3-16-2000

"Teens find crop circle near Waverly,"
Source: Lincoln Journal Star, 7-12-1997

"Farmer sees a mystery in ring shapes on field,"
Source: Lincoln Star, 11-3-1990

"Hundreds Have Claimed to Spot UFOs Across State,"
Source: Lincoln Journal Star, 6-330-1997

UFO water tower at Ogallala


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