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Weird Nebraska Don't Worry, It's All In Your Head 

Phrenology bust and chart belonging to Frederick Blaine Humphrey of Lincoln. Phrenology was a popular nineteenth-century pseudoscience that claimed a person's personality and intellect could be determined by studying the shape of the skull. It was based on the theory that the brain was divided into various organs (areas) that controlled specific elements of character. Look at the "organs" listed on this phrenology bust, and then feel your head. Maybe you'll begin to understand the roots of your behavior.


Source: Frederick Blaine Humphrey, Lincoln


This potato was donated to the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer by Dr. Robert R. Geer of Alda with the following note: "This is a potato given to me by a patient of mine who had carried it in his hip pocket for many years for the purpose of warding off rheumatism." How it did so is unknown, but we hope it worked for the person who needed it.

Source: Loaned by the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer.


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