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Weird Nebraska Nebraska has more admirals than the U.S. Navy? 

The Great Navy of the State of Nebraska began in 1930 when Governor Charles W. Bryan went on vacation and Lieutenant Governor T. W. Metcalfe took over the affairs of state. Acting Governor Metcalf wanted to do something to honor his friends, so he created the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska, and appointed his friends as Admirals. Since then, Nebraska Admiralships have been bestowed on many notable Nebraskans and others. An application is available on the governor's office website stating, "Admirals in the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska are individuals who have contributed in some way to the state, promote the Good Life in Nebraska, and warrant recognition as determined by the Governor."

Certificate, Great Navy of the State of Nebraska
Source: Roger and Doris Cunningham, Lincoln, 10797-4


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