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"If There's Somethin' Strange in Your Neighborhood,
Who Ya' Gonna Call?"

In the early twentieth century Charles Fort cataloged odd occurrences throughout the world. The term "Fortean" was coined in his honor. The Fortean Research Center (FRC) was based in Lincoln from 1982 until 1995. At its peak, the FRC boasted about 250 members worldwide, and gained local attention by hosting three conferences. The FRC's radio program, Exploring Unexplained Phenomena, has been airing weekly since 1985 on KZUM, 89.3 FM.

Flyer promoting the FRC's first conference in 1983, focusing on UFOs. Two more conferences were held, in 1988 and 1989. Some who attended swear the audience contained several intriguing personalities, including FBI agents, a "Man-in-Black," and even an actual alien, cleverly disguised.
Source: Loaned by Dale Bacon, Lincoln


Dale Bacon, former member of the Fortean Research Center, editor of the Journal of Fortean Research, and Lincoln ghost expert drew this "Nebraska Map of Weird Occurrences" in 1988 to show where ghosts, UFOs, cattle mutilations, lake/river monsters, "winged wierdies," blobs, and other unusual phenomena have been reported.
Source: Loaned by Dale Bacon, Lincoln


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