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John G. Neihardt Library

The Neihardt Center has a library of secondary sources exploring Neihardt's life and legacy.

Foyer and hallway approaching the library
Library entrance
Library, view to the left

Library, view to the right

The library is available for scholarly research, but it is not a lending library. Arrangements may be made with the staff to view or listen to any of the library resources, which include all of the following:

1. Books (including rare and first editions) in five subject categories, catalogued according to the Dewey decimal system

2. Periodicals

3. The Neihardt Subject Files -- a collection of newspaper articles, photographs, brochures, and documents catalogued according to subject.

4. The Lucile Aly Collection

5. Audiocassette tapes and transcripts of interviews, past programs and special events

6. Original copies of the Neihardt Foundation Newsletter (1969-present)

7. Original art: paintings, pints and sculpture, including one of three surviving portrait busts of John Neihardt made by his wife, Mona

8. The desk, personal items, dictionary and dictionary stand that belonged to and were used by John G. Neihardt


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