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Photographs of Chimney Rock

This photograph of Chimney Rock was taken around 1902.

Chimney Rock in the early 1900s.

1906, Ezra Meeker
In 1906 Ezra Meeker, an 1852 pioneer, retraced the trail with two oxen and a dog and passed by Chimney Rock.

Chimney Rock, 1908, by photographer Solomon D. Butcher.

August, 1929, by Emil Kopac
In 1929 Emil Kopac took this photograph of Chimney Rock.

These four photographs were taken in 1993.
1993-1     1993-2      1993-3      1993-4

  Photograph taken in 2012 by Vicki Cobb from the visitor's center.


The following photographs were drawn from the Western Trails Project database.








South from Bayard City Park







Mark Studio, Gering, NE

August, 1928

June, 1940

August 29, 1968




At a distance of 3 miles
from the S.E., 1922

 Durnal monument
Durnal monument in foreground


Arial view






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